The Future is Upon Us, And Here is Why

When thinking about the future and technology and all the ideas of what the world would be like one day, did you expect it to happen slowly and gradually, or did you expect there to be a paradigm shift where everything changes so quickly it’s like stepping from one age directly into the next?

Well be prepared, because we are about to experience that exact shift any moment as we are literally about to step into the future with new technologies coming out quicker than ever, and here’s what you should expect in just a couple years.

Anti-Gravity technology, which has the ability to levitate anything, is now a reality and ready for production, and here are some changes expected to come with it:

• Airplanes will no longer need wings and will be of different sizes and shapes. They will become nearly impossible to bring down. They can have glass bottoms and travel into the stratosphere for quicker travel. Cruise ships will become passenger aircrafts.

• We will all be riding hover boards just like the ones in Back To The Future.

• We can travel to other planets and even purchase land on these planets and relocate to a place with new business opportunities, and travel back and forth would be as easy as flying to Florida for the holidays.

• We will start to see floating things, like buildings and islands and billboards.

With the AMIRA-CP (Autonomous Molecular Imaging Radial ABX-Ray Cellular Processor) technology here are some of the breakthroughs in medicine that are now possible:

• Curing cancer will be quick, painless, instant, permanent, and side effect free.

• Other medical conditons such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Heart Disease.

• Other configurations can stitch wounds, help rebuild cellular walls, and break up fat cells.

• With the ABX-Ray we can now look directly into the body so closely that we can see it cell by cell, or look all the way into organs to see any internal damage.

With the things that we learned while this technology was being created we will quite literally be vaulted into the future with new things quickly on the horizon including 3D holograms, True Pitch Black Obsidian Crystal TVs, compact infinite data storage, instant Internet downloads, global wifi, and new unannounced technologies in energy.

The landscape of our world is going to quickly change, as you start seeing people riding hover boards, and hover bikes. New feats in architecture will becoming vastly more dynamic, we will start seeing surreal giant sculptures where hideous cell phone towers once stood. There will soon be no need for telephone wires with crystal clear connections on cellphones and landlines. This means that there will be new well paying jobs, and a healthy stimuli for the economy. It is going to be an exciting brave new beautiful world. 

So take a good look at the world around you right now. Document it for future generations. Tomorrow, the world we know now will be gone forever making room for the awesomely bright, future of our dreams.

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