W12 Conferences – Second Screen Technology is great for Conferences

Widen your audience through the use of second screen technology.

Many businesses run conferences to boost brand awareness, improve confidence in their brand by showing off their products and crucially, demonstrating their capabilities and generating sales.

Meeting people in person is hugely valuable and this is the key benefit of conferences. The personal touch is so important when it comes to building trust and helps you build business relationships. This simply is not possible with online conferences and webinars.

While conferences are great, they are limiting in size. Although there are some big venues out there, these are expensive and beyond most conference budgets. By integrating a conference with social media, you can reach people online, people that were not in attendance at the conference which will help to spread your message further and therefore improve the effectiveness of the conference.

Social media is a great tool that can be utilised by businesses. For those that don’t know, social media is an online conversation. Some conversations are public for everyone to see, others are only visible to private groups or to friends. The potential exposure companies can get from hosting a conference is huge. A small conference suddenly changes to a worldwide audience online.

When looking for a conference venue or to hire a meeting room in London, think about how you are going to integrate social media. Tony Steedman from W12 Conferences said “Second screen technology allows delegates to view the conference slides on their mobile devices. This makes it easier to view the slides but also allows you to share information online. This increases the reach of the conference significantly.”

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