Helping Companies Avoid Million Dollar Fiascos Over A $1 Oversight: IntelCap Announces Launch of Company and Website

United States – October 26, 2015 – IntelCap, a leader in helping companies create, manage, and maintain engineering solutions to avoid costly mistakes and stay in business, announced the launch of their new website. The website is meant to be a portal of information of about the company, how it assists other companies, and how it has saved numerous businesses with its methods.

At many companies, corporate culture keeps engineering departments from fully communicating with other departments. This typically leads to various sectors of a company operating with inaccurate and untimely information. Although a company may build an amazing and innovative $1,000 product, if it malfunctions, it could result in lawsuits and government fines due to a faulty part valued at $1. Proper communication between departments could have facilitated the discovery of $1 part issue. A common issue in the U.S., the government has recorded 112,500 product recalls in the past 15 years, resulting in billions of dollars in expenses that could have been avoided. Some companies that are it with a major product recall cannot survive the event. Prevention is the best way to avoid a catastrophe and this is where IntelCap comes into play.

“All too often, engineering departments work in the vacuum of developing and designing a product in a lab, with no “real world” input. We work to bring the real world into the engineering lab. In doing so, we help save lives and businesses. We are very excited to launch this website to allow business to learn how we can help them,” stated George Jerome, company founder. He further stated “It is vital today that sales and marketing, as well as legal departments know precisely what engineering and manufacturing are providing for public/consumer consumption.”

IntelCap, is generally requested to evaluate a proposed, or existing product or service. There may be known problems, or the company may option to evaluate the process before a problem surfaces. IntelCap’s intent is to keep issues and potential issues in-house, and out of consumer or governmental involvement.

Client examples include: creating and engineering a cost-effective rooftop solution for a small business owned bowling alley; finding a safe alternative to resolve a building code issue with window washers; and creating devices to help save energy in the automobile industry. In some of the innovations IntelCap creates to assist clients eventually become patented, in which case the company becomes the patent owner.

With an extensive background as an engineer, inventor and manufacturing executive, George Jerome established IntelCap to provide a missing link for much needed corporate control. Considering himself a Civilian Inspector General [CIG], Mr. Jerome offers a much needed service to help assure companies that their departments produce and represent products that are in full compliance with all government requirements and laws.

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About IntelCap

IntelCap is an advisory company, established to help businesses evaluate their products, market positioning, and potential issues that could trigger recalls or government action. Functioning outside a company environment, IntelCap can often “see” things that an engineering or marketing department will miss. IntelCap might have caught GM’s defective ignition switch, or Takata’s exploding air bag problem, or Toyota’s sticking accelerator pedal. The founder has been catching company “gotchas” for decades.

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