Screening Advice Publishes New Analysis of Synthetic Urine Products As Workplace Drug Testing Becomes More Prevalent has published new reviews of synthetic urine after receiving reports of increased urine drug screenings taking place in workplaces across America.

Drug testing by employers has become ever more commonplace in the last five years as the cost of undertaking such tests has fallen. This is largely a moral obligation and penalizes individuals for their lifestyle outside of the workplace. As such many people are looking to get around the tests, which can ensure trivial leisure time decisions have career-ending implications. is a website that helps people understand the process, what to expect, and how to pass these tests, with new analysis of synthetic urine products becoming more popular every day.

Screening Advice has reviewed Quick Fix synthetic urine, which has been one of the best selling products online for these drug tests. Using one of the most advanced synthetic formulas to date, the urine is virtually undetectable as synthetic. Use of synthetic urine when detected is grounds for dismissal, making it increasingly important for synthetics to be undetectable. 

The website has also produced new IDPI Screening Advice to ensure compatibility with the latest test techniques and approaches, with actionable guidelines on how to prepare for and take the test to come away with a clean result. Only in some cases will the synthetic urine be necessary.

A spokesperson for explained, “Screening Advice is a website committed to providing the latest and best information available on dealing with the increased use of drug tests in the workplace. While synthetic urine should only be used as a last resort, it is equally important for individuals to ensure they buy a high quality product to prevent it being discovered as synthetic and then facing even worse consequences. The advice and reviews on our website are all designed to get people through the process trouble free, and we hope we can continue to do so in the face of increased pressure from employers.”

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Screening Advice is an online resource center giving people advice and guidance on how to get clear results on employee drug tests. The website is regularly updated with the latest information and resources by a committed team of writers and researchers, together with independent and insightful reviews on products entering the market designed to overcome this problem.

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