Airwheel M3 electric skateboards reviews: Stronger, more Convenient and Intelligent

Concentrating on producing electric scooter for years, Airwheel is not satisfied with the current market. Though these models attract the attention and interests of many people, Airwheel decides to release an electric skateboard to surprise all Airwheel lovers. M3 is such product that is stronger, more convenient and intelligent than the common skateboard. Users are all curious about the new model.

When Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have achieved great successes and opened the market, all the customers presumed that Airwheel would focus on designing and producing more self-balancing unicycles and two-wheeled electric scooters in the following years. To users’ surprise, Airwheel has made debut of a brand new product: wireless remote control skateboards M3. Skateboarding is a well-known sport all over the world, loved by young people. To meet their need, Airwheel designers and creators take skateboards as the design prototype and have created the maple electric skateboards M3. Being customer-oriented, Airwheel M3 is stronger, more convenient and intelligent.

wireless remote control skateboards M3


Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is outfitted with double battery groups and batter protection boards. Adopting the imported Sony lithium batteries, Airwheel M3, safer and stronger, has the longer lifespan and riding distance. The maximum battery capacity is 160wh, and another one is installed with the battery. Hence, players can have longer trips with Airwheel M3 than with the common skateboard.

More convenient

What attracts customers most is that Airwheel scooter electric M3 have wireless remote controls, which facilitates people’s lives. Instead of controlling the intelligent scooters by steering wheels or controlling panels, users can easily control skateboards M3 with their hands. After pressing the several bottoms, the users can adjust the skateboard. In addition, Airwheel designers use the TPU material damper mass in M3’ front and rear wheels, which ensures the safety of riding.

electric skateboards

More intelligent

The traditional skateboard is only a toy, without any high technology. Airwheel M3 electric skateboard brings a different riding experience. Installed with the most intelligent chip, Airwheel M3 could be controlled by slight body movements. Just like the automatic car, Airwheel M3 changes its speed spontaneously.

As a newly released model, Airwheel M3 has a great many shining points, waiting for customers to discover. Airwheel M3 electric skateboard, serving both as a transport and as a toy, will change people’s lives and improve the living standard.

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