American Mini Pig Association Launches First Time Registry For American Mini Pigs

The American Mini Pig Association aims to educate the public and improve the life of miniature pigs. The new registry for American Mini Pigs has been launched to help people buy quality mini pigs that have been properly cared for.

A new organization, the American Mini Pig Association, has been formed with the goal of becoming a registry for mini pigs, educating the public and owners about the animals, eliminating unethical breeding practices and reduce the number of displaced pigs.

Developed by breeders, owners, and veterinarians, the association is starting to create training and monthly newsletters that highlight the breed. It plans to offer mentoring programs for breeders and rescuers. DNA testing to establish ancestry, advocacy and outreach programs that highlight particular joys of owning, raising and training miniature pigs.

“We are committed to educating and promoting healthy breeding practices. We want to uphold the code of ethics for breeders and owners alike with the intent to help reduce the number of displaced pigs, bridging the gap between owners, breeders, vets, and rescues. It is important that we improve the quality of the American Mini Pig as a breed,” a spokesman for the organization said.

The association is the first of its kind for the breed; and has ambitious plans, including developing genetic records for mini pigs as well as genealogies and family trees for the animals.

The American Mini Pig is a distinct breed that has been developed over the course of decades by crossbreeding various kinds of small pigs, including the Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig, the Minnesota Mini Pig, and the German Landrace. Originally bred to be used in laboratory research, the pigs found their way into the hands of some members of the public as the call for them in laboratories declined.

Their mixed ancestry causes some concern for owners, as there is currently no way to tell what, exactly, went in to breeding the animal.

“The truth of the matter is, not to many people in the country can say with 100 percent certainty what their mini pigs really are,” an association spokesman said. “There is no genetic test to determine exactly what the genetic makeup of a mini pig actually is with certainty.”

That confusion is one of the reasons the association was founded—to help develop a registry that can provide better guidelines and standards for identifying breeds as well as ensuring their health.

More information, including proposed size classifications, codes of ethics for owners, breeders and background on becoming an owner, is available at

About The American Mini Pig Association

The American Mini Pig Association was developed by a dedicated team of miniature pig breeders, owners, and veterinarians.

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