Faxing From Gmail Publishes New Tutorials On How To Fax For Free Online

FaxingFromGmail.com is a website committed to helping people leave behind 20th century practices, and has published new advice and guidance on getting a free digital fax number and synching it to Gmail.

Gmail is one of the most versatile email clients in the world, and is an essential tool in keeping ahead in today’s pressurized business world. This environment has changed beyond recognition in the last decade, but one curious practice still remains- the fax machine. This single-use device consumes paper and toner, requires maintenance and repair, and transmits at pathetically slow speeds. FaxingFromGmail.com is a website that helps people transition easily to digital faxing, and has published new tutorials on how to go about making the fax machine redundant once and for all, and send fax from Gmail.

The new tutorials include how to register a free digital fax number, which will enable people to send faxes to the number and enable users to send faxes digitally to existing fax machines. This works by digitally encoding and decoding the signals sent and received by fax machines into PDF documents.

Faxing From Gmail then offers people a tutorial for linking the digital fax number to a Gmail account (http://faxingfromgmail.com/how-to-fax-from-google-drive/), so sending and receiving faxes is as easy and immediate as receiving and sending emails. The tutorials are written in easy to read plain English, guaranteeing users a swift transition that can save them real money.

A spokesperson for Faxing From Gmail explained, “Faxing is one of the most wasteful office practices that is yet to be eliminated properly from the workplace. Our website is encouraging more workplaces to set up this system in order to effectively enable people to digitize the practice of faxing while still retaining all of the original functionality – individuals need only a scanner and printer to be able to get identical functionality from the software while also allowing people to retain digital-only copies, saving printing costs whenever possible.”

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Faxing From Gmail is a online resource center dedicated to bringing the latest tutorials and reviews on email faxing to the public, and enabling them to save time and resources with an online solution to a 20th century practice. Users can learn how to get started and what features and benefits come with switching to an online solution. 

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