11-Time Author Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for a New Inspirational Book

Nanaimo, CA – On October 9 2015, Emily Madill (professional coach and author) launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fall in Love With Your Life, One Week at a Time, an inspiring nonfiction book that will support you in loving yourself and your life – as it is.

“Life can be a balancing act and when one area is off-balance it has a way of affecting our overall level of happiness. The reason why I fell in love with coaching is that it provides a safe, positive space for clients to explore what it is they really want in life and who it is they truly are,” the creator explains, “I wanted to bring all the things I love about my personal coaching practice to a larger audience.”

The book is a combination of personal coaching, weekly activities for you to put into practice, and journaling space for you to make notes about your thoughts and experiences as you work through the various activities. Some of the highlights in your weekly practice include dropping judgments on yourself and others, practicing gratitude facing fears, and creating clear goals.  

The book has been professionally edited and designed, and the content is all ready to go. Now Madill has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to help pay for a full color, hardcover print run. Along with Fall in Love With Your Life, One Week at a Time, Emily Madill will also be launching an online course and support community in the new year. 

“When we view ourselves through a loving lens, the disappointments, judgments and outside noise will be less likely to chip away at our self-worth,” says Emily Madill, “When we regularly practice giving compassion to ourselves, it becomes more natural to fall in love with our lives.” 

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including $10 for the e-book, one hardcover for $30, two hardcover copies for $55 and more. Backers can also pledge $225 for one hardcover copy, plus discounted access to access to the online course when it’s ready in the New Year for and a one hour personal coaching with Emily Madill in 2016. 

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: Fall in Love With Your Life, One Week at a Time
Contact Person: Emily Madill
Email: emily@emilymadill.com
Country: Canada
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loveyourlife/fall-in-love-with-your-life-one-week-at-a-time/description