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One of the most dangerous threats to recovery for a patient is the feeling of isolation.
For many afflicted with alcohol or drug dependency, fear of going through the detox process and the physical and emotional pain associated with such can be a deterrent to seeking help.

Projecting themselves into a treatment facility that separates them from family or friends, and writhing in pain for days on end, becomes a fearful prospect. There is also a fear of being without the support of their drug of choice to deal with whatever fears may confront them. The idea that extensive outpatient or daily drug treatment may be available to assist with a healthy detox process and provide a permanent recovery solution often does not enter their minds.

Whether one is addicted to alcohol, pain killers, sleep aids or heroin, the process of withdrawal holds frightening mental pictures and can be a dangerous experience if not managed properly. However, a successful approach to detox with today’s medications and the philosophy of “slower is better” can provide an opportunity for the addicted individual to regain their physical health, without experiencing the horrors they imagine. A respected and experienced treatment facility offers a team of expert professionals to manage the detox process for each patient under their care and to ensure that the patient goes through this process with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

While for some, admitting themselves into a residential treatment facility may be the best choice, many others are opting out of this plan. Many of today’s intensive outpatient and day treatment facilities offer the recovery support that is needed, while allowing a patient the freedom to remain with their family members and continue with their work responsibilities. Working closely with trained experts who can provide daily personalized programs of individual and family therapy; the patient’s emotional triggers can be dealt with and an alternative approach to addiction realized. 

One of the most dangerous threats to recovery for a patient is the feeling of isolation. For that reason, extensive daily treatment may include 12-step programs with members of the community, daily treatment sessions with a trained drug or alcohol counselor and daily interaction with others suffering from addiction issues. The patient receives the education they need to learn an alternative approach to dealing with their specific emotional issues and social or psychological triggers. With this dependable support in place, access to an expert to help them deal with whatever physical or emotional needs they may experience is always at their disposal.

Professional help for the alcohol or drug addicted individual is available without the need for admission to an inpatient facility. With an outpatient staff of recognized experts and trained and caring professionals, a program for recovery is available for the addict, along with support for family members. The path to a successful recovery does not have to be taken alone; daily care and treatment by professionals is the better alternative.

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