Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

Recovery depends on the commitment of the individual.
After an individual or family recognizes that there is an out-of-control problem of alcohol or drug dependency that is beyond their solution, outreach to a professional treatment program is the next viable step.

Many times the addicted individual or their immediate family will avoid professional help, due to their belief that the only successful option for permanent drug or alcohol recovery is commitment to an inpatient facility. While placement in a structured 24-hour facility may seemingly be the best answer to resolving the problems associated with substance abuse issues; outpatient care may actually be the better choice of care.

Many clients who are suffering from the effects associated with the misuse of drugs or alcohol are obligated to family and work commitments. The fear that taking a long-term break from these commitments may place a physical and financial strain on the individual and his or her family can contribute to their avoidance of help. In these instances, the choice of a respected outpatient facility or daily treatment program that allows the patient the option of continuing with their commitments may be the best answer. Such programs can provide closely maintained detox assistance, intensive individual and/or family therapy options, and ongoing treatment modalities that can help the recovering addict find the emotional and physical balance that they seek.

Recovery depends on the commitment of the individual. Without a patient’s strong desire to restore their mental and physical health, the most experienced staff of professionals may find that their hands are tied. Often, intervention that includes a cooperative effort between experts and family members becomes necessary.  Professional intervention can help the addicted individual to reach an understanding of how they are not only destroying their own physical and mental wellbeing, but to also realize how their addictive behaviors have a direct impact on their family, friends or co-workers. The delusion that they can continue their current lifestyle of relying on drugs or alcohol to support their mental state can be effectively eliminated. When the intervention is handled successfully, the potential feelings of betrayal, fear, shame or anger can be dealt with appropriately and a desire for healing achieved.

With intensive outpatient care, daily treatment is available to the patient. A program that is customized to address the patient’s specific emotional, behavioral and chemical needs will help them recognize alternatives to using alcohol or drugs as a crutch in their life. Personalized outpatient treatment may make the difference between a healthy or a destroyed life.

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