The Early Stages Of Recovery

With all the pollutants gone, an individual suffering from a drug or alcohol problem can feel and look better.
Making the transition from actively abusing drugs or alcohol into pursuing a clean and sober life of recovery is not easy.

In addiction, there are so many habits and lifestyle choices that one becomes so accustomed to that is it difficult to change. This change certainly will not happen overnight, and it will not happen without work. The best place to begin this new way of life is at a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Some facilities offer a detox program that will get rid of pesticides from food, radiation, drugs, alcohol, and other toxins. In doing this, it makes the mind more clear so the addict can better focus on their recovery. With all the pollutants gone, an individual suffering from a drug or alcohol problem can feel and look better.    

Early on in recovery, an addict may find that their thinking is a little off. This is because the addict’s mind has been very clouded by the abused substances. Sometimes, in the beginning stages of recovery, an addict may feel extremely depressed or anxious. Addiction treatment centers can assist the addict to move past the early mental and emotional difficulties that come with entering sobriety. 

Once the first stage of recovery has been completed, it is important to have an aftercare plan devised. For instance, moving to a home where the addiction will not be aided would be advisable.  When cravings arise, instead of focusing on them, it is best to divert one’s attention to something healthier such as developing good nutrition habits and exercising regularly. Keeping a healthy body will enable a healthy mind.   

The early stages of recovery are not always easy; however, they do not always have to be unbearable. In focusing on the positive aspects of life, and distracting oneself from any pains and cravings, one will find that the days spent sober will become greater and greater. With time spent on recovery, life will get better.

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