HemoTreat provides lasting relief from a condition that afflicts millions

Adults who suffer from hemorrhoid flare-ups have a new source of relief from the painful, irritating condition, with the U.S. launch of a treatment that has shown impressive results in clinical trials.

HemoTreat is a topical cream formulated with an innovative blend of ingredients proven to alleviate the pain, swelling and itching of inflamed hemorrhoids. In a clinical trial of the product, a remarkable 97.22% of patients reported hemorrhoids were greatly reduced or eliminated when they used the cream.

Already available in Europe, HemoTreat was launched in the U.S. market in August 2015 at the FIME Medical Trade Fair & Congress, the premier international trade fair and congress for medical equipment, products, supplies, technology and services.

The revolutionary treatment was developed by a team of researchers dedicated to finding a solution to this distressing condition that afflicts millions. They created a cream that provides relief from hemorrhoid flare-ups by attacking the source – not just the symptoms – of the condition.

Hemorrhoids: the Problem and the Solution

Hemorrhoids are small cushions or clumps of tissue around the anus and lower rectum that contain a network of tiny blood vessels. These cushions play a vital role in healthy elimination, by sensing pressure and controlling the rate at which stool exits the body. Constipation and increased weight can create undue pressure on the tissues, which then become inflamed and swollen. The hemorrhoid tissue is pushed outward, causing pain, discomfort and sometimes even bleeding.

Most of the creams and lotions on the market may stop the symptoms of hemorrhoid problems, but they don’t attack the swollen blood vessels that are the cause. The HemoTreat formula does just that, with powerful ingredients that attack all effects of hemorrhoid flare-ups:

• Inflammation: Calcium carbonate, an astringent that reduces swollen blood vessels and allows them to heal

• Pain and itching: Camphor, an analgesic and anesthetic that relieves pain and an antiseptic that reduces itching and prevents infection

• Burning: Eucalyptus oil, a cooling anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation and creates a refreshing sensation

• Skin irritation: Lanolin, which soothes and restores irritated skin and protects it from further irritation.

Success in Clinical Studies

Researchers reported excellent results from a clinical trial in which 36 participants used HemoTreat for their hemorrhoids. All but one patient – 97.22% – reported a reduction in symptoms such as pain, itching, bleeding and inflammation. The 36th patient had severe stage III hemorrhoids, occurring both internally and externally.

Specific results were impressive:

• 89% of patients experienced reduction of swelling
• 88% of patients had pain relief
• 72% of patients reported no more itching

HemoTreat also has been found to be well tolerated by most users, with no known side effects. One study followed patients for three months and showed no adverse side effects at the site of application.  More than 95% of patients from the same study reported significant improvement in the quality of their daily lives.

Relief – with a Money-Back Guarantee

HemoTreat’s developers are so confident of their product’s safety, efficacy and ease of use, they’re offering it completely risk-free. If any customer is unsatisfied with the product for any reason, they’ll give a full refund – guaranteed.

For truly effective hemorrhoid treatment that lets you get back to your life quickly and easily, purchase at the HemoTreat website or at Amazon

About HemoTreat

HemoTreat ( is an innovative cream that provides relief from the painful, irritating effects of hemorrhoids by shrinking the swollen blood vessels that create the inflammation. It also contains ingredients to soothe and restore irritated skin.

In a clinical study of the product, HemoTreat was found to reduce hemorrhoids for 97.22% of participants. It is also safe for any user, including pregnant women, and has shown no side effects. A summary report on the clinical study is available at the HemoTreat website.

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