Uncle Sales Now Unveils Location Tracking Enabled Task Manager for Android

UncleSales – Location Tracking App for Sales and Work Force
Unclesales.com has unveiled a new mobile app and monitoring resource to help the sales and marketing professional.

Chennai, India – October 27, 2015 – Unclesales.com is now launching a new mobile app & monitoring portal that will help the sales and marketing professional. This new app is a game changer and it going to revolutionize the way sales team management interacts as well as enhances the way tasks and duties are allocated. It has all the necessary features to make it a must-have tool for any sales company willing to gain an advantage in the marketing world. This mobile app based application tool enables the user to keep an eye on their employees, in regards to their whereabouts on when and where they do their work duties. It also allows the user to be able to track their sales force as well as all their field force activities.

Below are the key features of the Uncle Sales app that makes it a must have for every sales manager or sales representative:

A GPS Powered Employee Tracker

This feature gives the user the ability to track and monitor the activities and whereabouts of his sales team while they are on the field. With the GPS tracking device, the application is able to pin point the exact location of each and every employee while also able to track their every movement. This is very useful to managers for employee location tracking.

An Advanced To Do List Feature

This To Do List feature is one of a kind as it comes with a time and location reminder tool. The supervisor is able to create and set tasks using this tool and it will do the reminding for the user. This gives client’s employees the opportunity to increase their overall productivity and focus on the Task on Hand.

Email Free Task Manager

Uncle Sales application focuses to improve the productivity of employees by assigning tasks to teams without having to use the old school method of emails. This reduces the time lost by employees on reading long emails and saves more time to do the work.

Call Scheduling

The call scheduler feature in the Uncle Sales app allows the user to schedule calls to prevent overlapping and all the calls that have been scheduled are executed as new tasks attached with an automatic time reminder.

Attendance Management and Tracker

The automated check-in and check-out tool allows employees to record their attendance through the mobile phone. It also makes it easier for supervisors to track employee attendance and see who’s in and who’s not. The same tool allows employees to request for leave days and time off.

Mobile Geo-Tagging tools

The geo-tagging tool is automatically activated each time an employee submits their sales reports or makes a comment regarding a given task. This helps when the supervisor is performing their task analysis as well as sales projections.

Other additional features of Uncle Sales

• Compatible with Android 4.1 and above

• Has an advanced control panel used over the web

• Easily manages the list of clients

• Images can be attached to any submitted reports

• Updates the scheduled work reports directly from the Smartphone

• It has a clean and professional UI that will not distract users from their targets.

About Uncle Sales

Uncle Sales is the best tool for keeping track of when and where your employees are working. Using this app, employees can check in and out for work, submit tasks and photos.

To know more, visit http://unclesales.com/

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