Women’s world allows people to shop and donate for a higher cause at the same time

There are a number of brands available in the markets which offer clothing, accessories and fashion products for women but only a few works for the betterment of the society and the world. Women’s world is one such fashion company which offers latest trendy fashion clothing and accessories for women while a part of it is utilized in resolving the major issues prevalent in the society and the world.

The company women’s world is a subsidiary of the Enterprise Group LLC and created on an idea that science and fashion can go together. The company aims to tackle the issues related to health and wellbeing of people by contributing in the research and innovation dedicated to improve the general well being of people.

The goal of the company is to develop pharmaceuticals from medicinal plants deadly to cancer cells, regenerate organ tissues specific to an individual’s DNA, and produce clean burning fuel. The company shows great enthusiasm in fulfilling their vision and also accepts support from people who wish to donate for this cause.

The aim is to raise 100 million dollars which will be done through the sale of fashion items and donations by the people. The ultimate goal is to start a biotech company and the amount raised will be utilized to purchase land, licensing marketing, facilities, equipment and personnel.

The biotech company will be dedicated to creating innovative products which will also be affordable to people. Women’s world believes in offering fashion with a purpose and as certified bio technician, a portion of all the proceeds goes to handle some of the most important issues prevailing in the society. The company makes a great option for people who wish to shop their heart out without any guilt since a major portion of it will be going to improve lives across the world.

The major focus is on further advancement of tissue regeneration, bio-fuel production, stem-cell research, bio-pharmaceuticals and battling breast cancer. People can support this cause by simply purchasing the fashion items from the company’s official website or by directly donating, as 100 per cent of all the donation goes to accomplishing the mission of the company.


Media Contact
Company Name: The Enterprise Group LLC
Contact Person: Derrick Smith
Email: fashion@enterprisegroup.co
Phone: 478-447-0917
Country: United States
Website: wwfashionaccess.com/donate/