IvyJade launches a range of customized bags for women, suitable for various occasions

Handbags are an inseparable part of life for most of the women which not only defines personal style but proves as a necessity for keeping all those little products, touch-ups and immediate fixes to get through the day looking gorgeous and fresh. Considering the same, the company IvyJade has launched a wide range of customized bags which are already filled with essential products suitable for various needs and occasions.

IvyJade is a lifestyle brand which believes in supporting the sexuality and sensuality of a woman with their handbags are meant to Inspire, Arouse, Awaken, and Empower a woman’s Inner Seductress. Unlike the other lifestyle brands, the company IvyJade aims to break the social stigma and stereotypes attached to woman’s sexuality and sends a message to them to accept the way they are and be comfortable with their desires.

The Ivy Jade handbags are a range of genuine leather clutches that are pre-filled with contents which are suitable for every aspect of a women’s daily life. The handpicked contents are promised to take a woman from day to night, no matter what the occasion. The smart design allows for enough space to keep any extra items needed.

With the launch of their Pre-Order Website, the company has designed four types of customized bags, the first being the Pre-game, ‘For the woman who knows what she wants’. The bag is especially designed to instill confidence in women to decide what they want instantly and keep them all set for a night out.

The unique bag will consist of all the essential products such as a small mirror, Chap Stick, mints, razor, shave gel, 2 condoms, aphrodisiac essential oil and many other products to ensure that she can enjoy the night with confidence while looking fabulous.

The second bag is named Main Event, ‘For the woman who knows what she likes’.  The bag is meant for the extended night of passion and fun. The bag is equipped with all the necessary things for an extended night such as a feminine wipe, 5 condoms, KY, Ecstasy extender massage oil and others.

Another exciting bag is the After Party bag, ‘for the morning after’ which consist of all the items you might need to freshen up and get ready for the day such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, dry shampoo, 2 condoms, focus essential oil and much more.

The last but very interesting and useful bag by IvyJade is specifically designed to give women a charge up after a rough night. The bag consists of a protein bar, aspirin, clear eyes, Claritin non drowsy, hangover essential oil and other items to freshen up completely and get ready to rule the day.

With this unique range of bags, the company IvyJade is surely breaking a lot of taboos aiming to make women more liberal and independent.

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