Glitch – Interact with Live Video Broadcasts

Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it!

VICTORIA, Canada – October 27, 2015 – Ever wanted to reach right into a live video broadcast and change something? A new project Glitch seeks to make that a reality soon. 

From your web browser, phone, tablet or TV you will soon have a whole new way to actively participate in your streaming entertainment. A modern mash-up of live broadcasting, sports, video gaming, reality TV and technology, the Glitch project is set to shake up the way you watch live media. “Glitch brings an interactive audience, you, into the digital world of a video broadcast and gives you the ability to change that digital world,” says creator Paul Hill of the project. 

From Virtual Reality interview shows, to survival games, to player vs player team combat, Glitch aims to bring an interactive audience to digital broadcasting. “It’s just ones and zeros,” says Paul of altering digital worlds. “Live entertainment doesn’t need to be passive anymore. It’s about time we were able to reach into those digital worlds and interact with our favorite entertainers.”

There is more to Glitch than meets the eye though. While changing the way we experience live entertainment the project is also a bold economic experiment that sees equal shares of the revenue from viewer subscriptions distributed to the Glitch team, entertainers, creators of digital worlds, and charity. “A lot of entrepreneurs like to say their idea will change the world, Glitch is giving as much money as we will ever earn to charity so I think we stand a better chance than most” jokes Paul. Glitch is no joke though. Having built the technology and launched it online, the Glitch team is now reaching out to developers to connect digital worlds to the platform. 

“We launched the campaign to help us find a community of people who believe in what we are doing and grow the team, and the platform” says Paul when asked about their new Kickstarter campaign. “Kickstarter seemed a good fit for a project like Glitch that gives back to it’s community”. 

To become a backer and join the community accelerating the project toward “escape velocity”, or just to find out more, visit the Glitch Kickstarter campaign here.

Feel like sharing? The Glitch project can be found on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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Company Name: Glitch
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Country: Canada