Two Brand New Electronics Affiliate Websites Launched For Easier Gadget Shopping

27th October, 2015 – Bob Cheek, a technology enthusiast recently announced the launch of two brand new electronics affiliate websites, RLC Marketing and Peak Electronics Mall. Both the sites were created to exclusively cater to the needs of the average citizen, providing updated links to various electronic products so as to make online shopping a much easier experience. The sites also feature an accompanying blog which is regularly updated with news regarding the latest gadget releases, along with expert reviews and opinions on the same, so as to aid the buyer at arriving at an informed and wise decision.

Given the vast variety of gadgets and other electronic products currently available in the market, searching for the right gadget can be an exhausting and daunting venture. To choose the right mobile phone or laptop to suit one’s needs from a multitude of options is time consuming, confusing and often frustrating. Affiliated to the Amazon store, RLC Marketing’s new website offers a smoother way to access and browse for suitable products. Moreover, both the websites are constantly updated with product links, such that the consumers can immediately find the product they are looking for, without any hassle at all.

Peak Electronics Mall, is a similar site that functions as an online shopping mall for all electronics and tech-related products. One again, the site is different from traditional online retailers that merely market a set list of goods, as it focuses on providing the user with a smoother browsing and shopping experience.

The RLC Marketing blog links both the websites, and is a hub for all things related to technology. It also announces the launch of the latest gadgets and gizmos, along with proper reviews, handy tips, advice as well as some technological know-how for the puzzled first-time buyer.

Interested customers may access the electronics affiliate websites at and and the accompanying blog at

Although Bob Cheek’s headquarters for both RLC Marketing and Peak Electronics Mall are based in Virginia, the products are available nationwide. Thus every American citizen has free and equal access to the websites that promise to make online gadget shopping a much more simple and enjoyable process.

For more information or any queries regarding RLC Marketing or Peak Electronics Mall, please feel free to contact Mr. Bob Cheek at mentioned contacts below.

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Company Name: RLC marketing
Contact Person: Bob Cheek
Phone: 804-740-4424
Address:2207 KingsBrook Dr
City: Henrico
State: VA
Country: United States