Amazon Launches 37°C Bluetooth Smart Bracelet That Detects Blood Pressure And Heart Rates With Limited Discount

The 37° Smartband is equipped with the most powerful biological optical sensor clusters, which can detect blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, step counting exercise (G-sensor), sleeping status (G-sensor), and emotion.. It is currently available with a 15% discount on orders before Nov.27th and is being sold on Amazon for $29.50 and comes in the color black.

Amazon, the largest shopping platform in the world has added a new Bluetooth product. The new product is the 37°C Bluetooth Smart Bracelet, which is being sold by 37°C technology.

The 37° Smartband is not only a great fashion item but it also has a practical use as well. The Bluetooth smart bracelet allows the user to keep an eye on their health. It acts as a personal health assistant; giving people the important information they need at a time they require it.

In a world where obesity has become a serious problem, with 68.8 percent of adults classed as being overweight, health and weight loss is being taken more seriously than ever before. The 37°C Bluetooth Smart Bracelet has become an important health product. The Smartband Wearable Device acts as a Pedometer and checks the users Blood Pressure and Heart Rate. It provides important detailed information on steps taken and calories burned, helping a person wishing to lose weight with the information they need to achieve their goals.

Since being launched on Amazon, it has gained positive attention from product reviewers who have called the 37° Smartband an important tool for people who want to improve their lifestyle and health.

It is Bluetooth enabled that allows the information to be transmitted to Android phones. With the large battery, it can last for up to seven days before a recharge is needed, showing how powerful the 37° Smartband really is.

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About The 37° Smartband

The 37° Smartband is a powerful product that gives people the information they need when they require it. It monitors heart rate and can count calories on the number of steps a person has taken.

• Fashionable shape and color

• Detailed recording of steps and calories consumed, making personal bodybuilding goal easier

• Detection of your physical parameters including blood pressure, pulse, emotion and tiredness indexes, offers health advice

• Adoption of new material and crown radian design make it comfortable to wear at day or night.

• Suitable to all occasions

• No GPS function

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