Solaris Whole Health Launches “Premium Collection” of Carefully Sourced Nutritional Supplements Designed to Help Bodies Achieve Balance and Attain Maximum Benefits More Quickly

Integrative Health and Nutrition Counselor, Stephanie Solaris, Applies her Background as Chemical Engineer to her Targeted Approach to Optimizing Health

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ – 27 Oct, 2015 – Stephanie Solaris, founder and director of Solaris Whole Health, LLC, an integrative health and nutrition practice, announces the launch of her Solaris Premium Collection, a line of branded supplements designed for individuals seeking to optimize their health and well-being through high-quality nutrition. The carefully sourced products, two years in development, were launched at a gala at her Bernardsville, N.J. studio on October 3, 2015. Solaris is a chemical engineer and certified nutrition counselor who works with discerning individuals to improve their energy and vitality, achieve systemic balance, and meet weight loss goals safely and sustainably.

Premium Collection is an outgrowth of Solaris’ focus on better nutrition and diet, her concern about how commercial brands are failing consumers, and her unique perspective on the human body. She noticed that people she was treating for similar health issues would have very different results depending on the supplementation they were using; she notes that many consumers are either taking the wrong types of supplements for their health conditions, or poor quality products that don’t deliver results.

“The source of your nutritional supplements makes a big difference in someone attaining optimum health, energy, and vitality. Outcomes depend greatly on how products are sourced and processed,” said Solaris. “This discovery led me to develop my own line that addresses my clients’ needs with products manufactured by the highest ethical standards and processes.”

Through her research, she found that many commercial fish oils could be in the capsule for upwards of five years. Premium Collection’s processing time is 11 months from harvest to encapsulation.

An engineer’s attention to detail

Leveraging her chemical engineering background, Solaris has meticulously researched, selected and tested each product to ensure her supplements deliver the highest level of potency and efficacy. A company video provides more detail.

• She carefully supervised the Premium Collection’s development, vetting the manufacturers and the ingredients’ supply chain to ensure purity, optimal potency, and the fastest bottling time possible.

• Each incoming ingredient has a Certificate of Analysis describing its specification, and is tested at the manufacturing plant to verify every certificate’s accuracy before production.

• An independent third-party lab tests and verifies the final capsules’ contents to ensure truth in labelling.  

• The facilities employ “good manufacturing practices” in equipment maintenance to avoid contamination by humans or other products.

It’s the same level of detail she brings to her clients’ health challenges.

“As a chemical engineer, I understand that the body is one massive chemical reaction and I consider what each supplement is doing to it on a chemical level,” said Solaris. “For instance, what signals are the various probiotics sending and what chain reaction in the body are they creating? Plus, each client’s physiology and lifestyle are different, so everyone presents a unique health puzzle … one that I love to solve.”

Four paths to better health

The Solaris Premium Collection comprises four distinct supplement lines; each one targets specific health-related issues with concentrated whole foods and fresh ingredients. They are:

Balance – works on the endocrine system to balance hormones which control appetite, emotions, cravings, and sleep – a practice specialty.

Restoration – designed to restore digestive integrity.

Performance – helps individuals maintain their energy and vitality consistently throughout the day by supporting liver and cardiovascular functions. Solaris applied her experience working for the New Jersey Jets’ nutritionist to select the supplements for this line.

Essentials – fosters healthy communication between cells with fish oils, vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals, and probiotics.

Each supplement is designed, as Solaris’ health and wellness programs are, to help the body work smarter, not harder, to reach optimal wellness. Many of the ingredients are GMO-free, gluten-free and organic.

Solaris and her team customize each client’s wellness program with a holistic incorporation of personalized nutrition counseling and targeted supplementation, skills to address the mind and spirit, and lifestyle coaching to improve daily choices and avoid bad habits. Solaris Premium Collection is available to practice clients after a thorough evaluation.

For more information about Solaris Whole Health studio or the Solaris Premium Collection of high-quality nutritional supplements, contact Stephanie Solaris at (908) 221-1112 or visit

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About Stephanie Solaris

Stephanie Solaris is a certified health and nutrition counselor with graduate certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in conjunction with Columbia University Teachers College in NYC. She is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, is certified in First Line Therapy to work with doctors to optimize a client’s health, and is NEI certified, specializing in hormone and neurotransmitter optimization. Solaris holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and brings 14 years of scientific background along with over a decade of holistic experiences and training into her practice, which she founded in 2007. Through Solaris Whole Health, she and her team create personalized health programs for adults and children, conduct group seminars, and deliver corporate workshops. Solaris was nominated as a 2015 Leading Woman Entrepreneur for her business accomplishments and role as an inspiring female entrepreneur; she was featured in the October 2015 issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine; and she will be featured in Hudson Mod magazine as a 2016 “Woman of Power.”

For a full list of her accreditations, continuing education training and more, visit

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