The Many Challenges A Recovering Addict Faces In Today’s Society

Finding a solution to an individual’s physically and emotionally destructive drug abuse may require an intervention on the part of family or friends.
Many of us have a vision of the drug addict as a homeless and unemployed individual; or someone shady character who commits crimes to support his or her habit.

In reality, drug addicts come in all shapes and sizes and are found in all parts of our society. They are not always easily recognizable, as the drugs of choice come in all types, as well. Pain killers, meth, cocaine, heroin, sleep aids; these are but a few of the drugs that are causing debilitating problems for individuals of all ages and from all walks of life.

The first step for any individual to effectively deal with their drug problem is to recognize that their drug is actually perpetuating emotional and physical problems, rather than providing an escape. Oftentimes, these same drug-induced problems are causing issues with family members, friends and co-workers. Depending on how entrenched the addicted person is in their dependency, they may or may not realize how they are impacting those around them. Denial, shame, fear are all descriptive words for those dealing with drug issues. While at the same time; they will defend and fight for their right to have access to their chosen drugs.

Finding a solution to an individual’s physically and emotionally destructive drug abuse may require an intervention on the part of family or friends. In order to have this result in a successful decision on the part of the addict to get help for their problem; working closely with trained professionals is highly recommended. Instead of dropping into an entrenched sense of shame, fear, anger, betrayal or other negative response to the confrontation; expert professional assistance, in cooperation with the support of the family members, can often reflect to the addicted individual the genuine need for recovery treatment.

Once the patient has decided that help is necessary, they are often confronted with the fear of detox. A process of detox that is not monitored properly by an experienced professional can, indeed, result in a dangerous and painful experience.  However, with today’s medications and a slower, well-monitored approach, the individual does not have to experience the horrors that are feared. Along with the fear of the physical ramifications of detoxing; the patient may also deal with the idea of facing life without the drug of choice that has helped them cope. This is when professional help by a staff of experienced drug rehabilitation experts can help aid in the individual’s steady path to a permanent drug recovery.

With a personalized program designed to meet the individual’s specific emotional and physical needs, there is light at the end of the recovery tunnel. The goal for each patient is that they learn to deal with life, free from the crutch of any drug.  With individual and family therapy, healthy physical pursuits and other treatment modalities provided by caring and experienced professionals, a drug-free life can become a reality.

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