Actrek: A Complete Fitness and Wellness Solution That You Need to Try

San Diego, CA – Entanti Limited, a startup company located in San Diego CA, is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this year for their first health and fitness wearable solution branded as Actrek.

According to market study, every year the health and fitness enthusiast around the world spend billions of dollars on fitness trackers and diet regiments in quest to better their health and wellness.

According to the company’s Chairman Jesse Khatam “Actrek will holistically empower consumers to track and enhance the three major pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and sleep by offering major differentiations and advantages in comparison to what’s in the market today.” 

The Actrek platform consists of a wearable device, Smart Application, and Social Network that is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. The wearable device is user configurable to be worn around the wrist, ankle, arm and chest.

Entanti has several key patents (pending) in the areas of sleep and snoring, body flexibility, nutrition, sport specific activities and respiration.

Haoye Shen the CEO of Entanti Limited explains that “Other segments of the consumer products today have taken advantage of the rapid advance in wireless and sensing technologies. Meanwhile the health and fitness wearables segment of the market is lagging behind. At Entanti, we believe that there are great potentials to integrate these technologies and to develop new products like Actrek that will revolutionize our health and fitness experiences.”

Actrek project teams have completed their architectural and industrial designs and are currently working on the first round of prototype for engineering validation.

Entanti Limited was formed by a team of wireless industry experts who in their previous careers have helped some of the top Fortune 500 companies to design and launch many world class consumer products. The company has R&D resources located in San Diego, CA and Beijing, China with close ties to local Sourcing and Manufacturing service providers in China.

To learn more about Actrek you can visit their website at

For further information you can reach them at or Entanti Limited, 16885 W. Bernardo Drive, Suite 320, San Diego, CA – USA.

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