World’s First Nikola Tesla Coloring Book for Adults & Children!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Niffer Desmond creates a colorful new look at legendary Nikola Tesla in her upcoming coloring book “Man of Tomorrow”. As the title suggests, Tesla was far ahead of his time – his alternating current system literally powered the rise of civilization in the 20th century! Without Nikola we would be in the dark without a radio to listen to – and no AC/DC. This extraordinary genius contributed vastly to our modern age with his ideas, experiments and inventions – yet has remained virtually unknown until only recently. 

This coloring book brings Tesla to life, beautifully illustrated with anecdotes ranging from mystical childhood experiences to his days in the high rolling-world of industrialism. In addition to drawings there are word hunts and mazes, with inspirational quotes from Tesla himself. Not to forget what makes it a personal experience- the coloring! Creating art and coloring relax and connect us to our deepest intuitive powers. In fact, coloring books have been cited as the most popular meditation alternative in today’s stressful world-topping the best seller lists this year! Desmond gives us an intimate glimpse of Tesla that will activate the inner genius in all of us. Adults and children alike will enjoy the wild historical romp within the pages of this remarkable, well researched coloring book!

Niffer is running a Kickstarter campaign to complete and release the book in style. There are a range of tempting rewards, from coloring books with markers, Tesla t-shirts, decals and even a personal tour of Tesla’s Pittsburgh haunts, when he lived there in 1888! The book will be bound and printed on high quality thick paper, printed on one side for best coloring results. Don’t miss the opportunity to color in a piece of Tesla history! A Kickstarter worldwide launch is Wednesday October 28th, 2015.

About the Author:

Niffer is a lifelong artist, mystic and Earth advocate, known worldwide for her awakening arts in the steampunk and metaphysical movements. A San Francisco native, she currently lives and creates her art in Pittsburgh PA, where Westinghouse built Tesla’s first AC system. 

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