Ezy Kitchen launches Instant Read Meat Thermometer

28 Oct, 2015 – The Ezy Kitchen brand has launched its first instant read digital thermometer that offers advanced measurement technology to capture high precision and reliable temperature in just 4 seconds. The Ezy Kitchen Instant-Read Thermometer has a high precision temperature sensor that is able to measure accurate reading to +-1°F. The thermometer comes with a 4.33″ folding probe that supports a wide temperature range of 58~572°F (50~300°C). 

“The premium and stylish device is small and can be carried around easily. It has an easy-to-read, large LCD screen that makes it easy for the user to check the temperature clearly and quickly. It is going to be the best companion at the BBQ party. Now, we do not have to worry about uncooked food and you will serve you delicious meals at perfect doneness!” said Terry, Product Director at Ezy Kitchen.

According to USDA research, 1 out of every 4 hamburgers turns brown in the middle before it reaches a safe internal temperature. The only way to be sure that the food is safely cooked is to use a good thermometer to measure the internal temperature. What may seem like a small food safety mistake can cause serious illness with long-term consequences. When it comes to some germs, such as Salmonella, all it takes is 15 to 20 cells in undercooked food to cause food poisoning. And just a tiny taste of food with botulism toxin can cause paralysis and even death.

The new Ezy Kitchen Thermometer provides accurate and ultra fast temperature reading to ensure that the food is cooked before consumption. The 4.33” probe provides accurate measurement when it is inserted into the meat. It can be easily closed to ensure safety and its auto shut off feature is designed to prevent battery wastage when it is unused. The Ezy Kitchen Instant-Read Thermometer is produced using a durable and lightweight material and can be carried around effortlessly.

Here are the recommendations on the type of food that you can measure its internal temperature while cooking – steak grills, sausages, burgers, roast meat, soup. You can also use it to measure baby milk, hot chocolate, coffee, tea and many more.

The meat thermometer is the first instant read thermometer that comes in black and it will be sold in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. It is currently available on amazon.com and it is selling at $19.95 (60% off) each.

Here are some tips to prevent food poisoning:

  1. Do not put cooked meat back on a plate that held raw meat.
  2. Take note that frozen food will take a longer time to be cooked.
  3. Always wash your hands before handling the food.
  4. Wash the meat first before you start marinating.
  5. Use a reliable instant read meat thermometer.

About Ezy Kitchen:

Ezy Kitchen is a global brand that focuses on producing easy-to-use tools to help every cook become a good chef. The brand was established in 2015 with the plan to produce a series of kitchenware products to make cooking and BBQ fun.

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