Spirituality Propels Change in Recovery

Having a different personality that results in freedom from the addiction is imperative to recovery.
Changes in the way we see the world, the way we think and our attitudes are essential for recovery.

Such growing is considered spiritual in nature, even though they play a part in one’s mental processes. The change happens because the addict has experiences something that drove the change rather than simply increasing their self-knowledge. While self-knowledge is vital, it does not always bring about a change.

Change comes from experiences that have an impact on one’s life. Without change, there is no recovery. Changing the way one processes information, the way one contributes to the world, and the way one feels about their drug abuse all must be transformed to be more beneficial to the addict.

Experiential Spirituality for Lasting Recovery: Resolving Core Issues

So when one lives in the principles of recovery; and therefore, acts differently, or looks at something from a new point of view, that individual experiences something that has a better outcome than what may have happened by following the way of acting or perceiving that they used to. This experience is spiritual and leads to a change in their personality. Having a different personality that results in freedom from the addiction is imperative to recovery.

At a good addiction recovery facility, religion should not be promoted; instead, the need for spiritual awareness should be in the recovery process. It should be up to the individual to discover their spiritual path, and if one already believes in a higher power, they should continue to keep their faith.

The focus should be on core issues that affect recovery including family, self-identification, family roles, spirituality, and emotional and psychiatric issues. When one enters the outside world after treatment, they need to be strong and not allow these kind of issues to be a hindrance. It is important for the patient to grow and change as much while in treatment as possible.

In the modern world it is crucial that males understand that their former ideas are around being male and how those former ideas result in actions that contribute to their addiction. Once one knows how their former ideas result in addictive behavior, the individual is then able to think differently and discover a new way of acting that supports a life free from addiction. This is done through twelve-step work, evidence-based clinical therapy and experiential methods. This usually results in heartfelt changes that are spiritual, but still realistic to living a clean and sober life.

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