Rehab Lead Network now offering drug and alcohol treatment centers the ability to reach affected consumers, utilizing technology and media that was once reserved for lead aggregators

Brunswick, Georgia – Rehab Lead Network was created to help treatment centers cut through the complex landscape of traditional, digital and social media marketing. This initiative opens the door to marketing possibilities previously made impossible by lead aggregators. The main purpose of Rehab Lead Network is to give treatment centers the ability to build their brand using the buying power of large agency representation.

“Traditionally, treatment centers have had to depend on buying leads at a premium or using ineffective, expensive advertising campaigns. Most relied on high “cost per click” online advertising campaigns through the major search engines.  These are basically run by agencies whose main benefit is derived from increasing ad spending, regardless of lead conversion or new admissions,” says Buzz Vaughn from Rehab Lead Network. (

Rehab Lead Network is helping treatment centers reach consumers using traditional media outlets – primarily radio and television – while also supporting the treatment centers’ digital assets. By using these methods, treatment centers can effectively drive their cost per call down while increasing their brand awareness.

“With the cost of entry being lower, treatment centers can take advantage of our ability to drive branded traffic to their phone lines and websites using radio and TV . We can monitor campaign performance and have a very good indication of the direction to take within 48 hours. Our average spot cost can be less than the cost of one website click using search engine marketing. This, coupled with our unique pricing model, can deliver admissions cost effectively and on demand to both local and national markets,” Vaughn emphasized.

Additionally, Rehab Lead Network offers digital speed-dial option using the very memorable #250 network. The #250 system allows treatment centers to advertise to potential patients by dialing #250 from their mobile phones and giving a designated keyword to connect to intake professionals. This allows for a memorable impression to be delivered via broadcast mediums without the need for potential callers trying to remember long phone numbers or wait for media to induce a call.

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Rehab Lead Network’s pricing model allows treatment centers with modest budgets the same opportunity as the major buyers with traditional media buys and typical online advertising. “With our pricing model we treat every budget the same, we absorb most of the production expense and deliver qualified consumers to the centers’ admissions programs at a lower cost than they typically can get themselves buying from aggregators.” – Buzz Vaugh of

Rehab Lead Network uses all available media to help treatment centers grow their brand recognition. With an increasing network of websites and direct media buying experience we are able to provide addiction treatment centers with full service representation at costs typically lower than they have ever seen.

About Rehab Lead Network:

Rehab Lead Network is a provider of direct placement treatment leads for treatment centers. It was formed to help meet the needs of clients in need of addiction treatment. Our expertise is direct response advertising and web technology.  The merger of these strengths is utilized to help treatment centers meet their marketing goals and insure their advertising budgets build a recognizable brand.

Forward-looking statements disclaimer: These statements are only predictions and reflect our current beliefs and expectations with respect to future events. They are based on assumptions and subject to risk and uncertainties and may change at any time. We operate in a very competitive and rapidly changing environment.  New risks emerge from time to time.  Given these risks and uncertainties, you should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.  Actual events or results may differ materially from those contained in the projections or forward-looking statements.

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