Handmade Hair Ties and Head Bands in Three Colors Braid

“Hair ties and Headbands are made in three colors braid, random colors match provides different choices for your favor, big quantity in wholesale will be very low prices.”
Three colorful fabrics are woven or braided together to make an eye-catching hair ties and headbands, totally handmade hair ties and headbands are made with random colors match, you can use them for your outfit and create a really catchy and unique style.

Swift Manufacturing Ltd supply with hair ties and headbands in random colors match, there are many benefits and features of these wonderful hair accessories:

Easy to Use

The braided hair ties and headbands are very simple to use. They are particularly beautiful on young girls and ladies but they can be worn by women of all ages. If you want to create a distinct personal style, these headbands will satisfy your taste. Our headbands and hair ties are easy to wear and take off.

You will also find them very easy to clean and launder when they get dirty. In addition, the hair ties can be converted to attractive wrist bands and they can be used as a substitute for bangles.

A Universal Hair Styling Tool

All types of hair may be beautified with these headbands. They work for coiled, kinky, wavy, curly, and straight hair. You may also use them on thick, medium or thin hair. In addition, the headbands fit all hair lengths including, short, long, and extremely long hair.

When you are styling your hair for an event, you may like to attach the hair ties or headbands at a particular angle and these accessories make it very easy to achieve your desired style without the need to study any special hair styling instructions. For instance, you can place the headband above your right eyebrow or behind the crown of your head.

It Changes the Mood of Your Dressing

Our headbands make it easy to change the outlook of any fashion outfit you wear. They are designed to fit any dress you wear from casual to formal attires. They help you to look properly dressed for any event – from a moonlight party to walking down the aisle for a wedding ceremony or reception party.

Also, you may use these headbands to take care of bad hair days. When you don’t have enough time to make your hair or your hair does not respond properly to styling because of weather, these headbands will come to your rescue.

Cover Up Any Unpleasant Portion of Your Hair

When you have some portions of your hair that don’t look very nice, you can use these headbands to cover those portions. These include portions like the re-growth areas at the root of your hair. If you use hair attachments, you can use these headbands to cover the section where the real hair and the artificial hair meet.

In addition, on a hot summer day, you can use the a headband to keep your forehead dry. The band will help you to absorb the sweat and prevent it from getting into your eyes.

Available for All Budgets

Apart from being easy to use and maintain, these head ties and headbands are also very affordable. You don’t have to pay a fortune to buy one. Headbands and head ties are available to satisfy every budget.

Since the designs are basically handmade, you can also order for custom made designs that will suit a particular outfit for a large group of people.

Add a Soft Look to Your Hairstyle

You can add a tender, soft look to almost any style you choose with these headbands. The colors are pleasant and attractive and you can get bands with various combination of colors. You may also perform instant styling with these bands. For example, you may use them to create volume at your hair crown.

All the hair ties and headbands can be be used as an instant hair adornment, or to control your hair and keep it steady. These beautiful headbands will enable you to create a unique fashion outfit.


Those are some of the main benefits you will enjoy when you buy and wear any of these attractive head ties and headbands. Since you can wear them for any occasion, why don’t you buy them today?

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