Cryotherapy Safety: Why certification of operators and ongoing education focused on safety is a key to avoiding accidents

Whole body cryotherapy service locations, ranging from chiropractic offices, to fitness locations and spas are increasing in popularity across the county. But as the industry grows, more and more needs arise to ensure it’s continued growth. Majestic Cryo, Inc., the leaders in whole body cryotherapy continually develop protocols to make sure supporting programs and services are continually developed and set into motion.

In the wake of the death of 24 year-old Chelsea Ake, manager of Nevada’s Rejuvenice cryotherapy salon, a concerning undertone is reverberating across the whole body cryotherapy industry and the effect this event may cause on the speedy growth and the sudden popularity it has been experiencing across the country.

Accidents like this tend to diminish the countless accounts of great news whole body cryotherapy has offered in regards to personal health, athletic performance, and injury recovery.

But accidents such as this can be avoided when the entire industry, including manufacturers, cryosauna operators and every manager and staff member, adhere to very important safety precautions that have been set in place since the development of cryotherapy in 1978. 

Cryotherapy, as a natural boost of energy and recovery, has been used around the world for close to 40 years. Founders of Majestic Cryo, Inc., now the leader in manufacturing cryosaunas in the United States, brought the first whole body cryotherapy cryosauna to the country in early 2009. The M-Cryo cryosaunas are known as safe and reliable, and the company has always stressed importance of proper training of cryosauna operators, as well as required that only certified operators perform cryotherapy treatments. This effort has led to accident-free operation of the locations using M-Cryo cryosauna cabins. 

Providers of whole body cryotherapy equipment are committed to train the operators upon installation of cryosauna or cryochamber. Majestic Cryo also requires all operators to take a mandatory certification test in order to start operating a cryosauna, and only certified operators are allowed to provide treatments.

The following steps have to be followed WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS and play a major role in preventing injury or, as in this case, death:

• ALL individuals operating a cryotherapy equipment MUST be properly trained and certified by the equipment provider. Ongoing education and certification programs should also be provided for further support.

• There should be a certified operator present at all times, and NO ONE, even a trained person, should NEVER provide a treatment to himself/herself, whether with people in the vicinity or alone. This requirement is covered by every serious training program of cryosauna operators, and following it with no exception is a prerequisite for getting certified.

• No cryosauna or cryochamber should have a lock on the door. Most cryotherapy saunas, like cryosauna cabins M-Cryo, use simple magnets to keep the door closed during a treatment. It is easy to open from outside, as well as from within.

• A cryotherapy treatment should never exceed 3 minutes.

When cryotherapy providers follow these basic rules, damage can be avoided. No operator should ever neglect any of the above safety precautions. And no user of cryotherapy should take a treatment without making sure that the operator is trained, present at all times, and pays close attention to the client.

In addition, Majestic Cryo believes that clients should be made to breathe regular room temperature air during the course of the treatment. This is not only better for client’s scalp, eyes and respiratory system. It also allows for close communication between the client and the attending operator throughout a treatment and for maintaining an eye contact. In this case, a treatment can immediately be stopped if the client feels any kind of discomfort, and a risk of injury gets eliminated. The walk-in cryochambers offered by some companies not only require extra protective garments (e.g. masks, hats), but also make close and comforting contact with the operator impossible.

Whole body cryotherapy is a natural and safe treatment, when the proper steps are taken to ensure that everyone that handles a cryosauna or a cryochamber, is well trained and properly certified. Ongoing certification and continued education, like the program provided by Majestic Cryo, Inc, is necessary to make sure that accidents are prevented. We CAN avoid accidents like the one at Rejuvenice when we follow all the guidelines and precautions set in place to protect everyone and to safely enjoy the benefits of whole body cryotherapy that have changed thousands of lives. The goal of the cryotherapy industry is to provide alternative care that is proven to help, not hurt, and every participant’s efforts should be consolidated to make it happen.

The team of Majestic Cryo, Inc. was shocked to learn the news about the fatal accident in Nevada and sends the deepest condolences to Celeste Ake’s family.

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Majestic Cryo, Inc. was created in 2013 to apply all the knowledge and experience acquired through bringing cryotherapy to the US in 2008 and introducing it to the market to become America’s first manufacturer of cryotherapy equipment.

Today, Majestic Cryo, Inc. has the largest lineup of cryosauna cabins in the country, numerous customization options to best meet each client’s business needs, and the best developed support network. Its offices in Texas, Florida, California and Ontario, Canada have been established to provide best customer service and cryotherapy industry specific marketing expertise. Majestic Cryo has installed six new locations in the Florida market just in the last quarter and is expected to double the Florida locations in the next quarter. This is the same trend being experienced across multiple states in the country.

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