Drug Addiction And The Real War On Drugs

A motivated person who seeks true recovery from addiction will experience the most success if he also addresses the whole body, mind and spirit.
Nancy Reagan’s “War on Drugs” incited the nation to look at the ever increasing problem of Drug Trafficking and Drug Use.

Although most of the US’s resources went to the criminal prosecution of those that provided drugs to addicts, it did not fully address the ever increasing problem of addiction. A generation later, we are faced with the societal aftermath.

The subject of Drug Addiction Recovery has now entered every facet of our society and is not limited to educating young students about prevention. Traditional treatments generally include detox, daily group therapies, medications and counseling. What has been absent in many Addiction Recovery Programs, however, is treating the mind, spirit and body of the addict. Now an ever increasing segment of those seeking Addiction Recovery look for a Holistic component as well. Many of the top Addiction Centers are stepping up. Provided Holistic Therapies may include: 

Sociometry. During sociometry, certified therapists explore client relationship dynamics to better understand their relational habits and social needs. This information will later be used in psychodrama treatment.

Psychodrama. This unique form of action therapy enables patients to improve their physical and emotional well-being through dramatic play. As they act out scenarios, clients discover pertinent information about their communication skills, emotional responses, and behaviors.

Biosound. During biosound, the body is lulled into natural relaxation through synchronization of heart and brain signals. This healing process can help with many stages of addiction recovery, from detox to aftercare.

Art & music therapies. Learning to express oneself in healthy, creative ways is essential to any rehab program. Art and music therapy sessions give clients a chance to explore buried feelings, fend off triggers, and develop new hobbies.

Fitness. During exercise, clients produce serotonin, develop self-discipline, and have fun as a group. Participants can choose from yoga, dance, physical fitness classes, and personal training.

Nutrition classes. Food is fuel, so it is critical that recovering addicts fill their bodies with foods that allow them to focus and concentrate, maintain a healthy weight, and harness they energy they need during recovery. 

A motivated person who seeks true recovery from addiction will experience the most success if he also addresses the whole body, mind and spirit. Carl Townsend once wrote, “All healing is first a healing of the heart”. Addiction recovery is available to those who seek its benefits. Nancy Reagan should be proud of the progress that has been made. 

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