The Application of CYCJET’s Latest Industrial Inkjet Printer on Steel Pipes

B3020 small character inkjet printer can print maximum 32 dot matrix characters. Through innovative design, the electrical systems, ink systems, nozzle make the inkjet printer achieve greater stability. Therefore, the portable printer has been well used in automatic production line of pipes. Below is analysis of specific cases.

Customer requirements: The customer required to print on the steel pipes in the diameter of 6-10mm, length of stainless steel tubing about 6m. And continuous printing is needed. Six fixed-length information on each pipes, and fixed interval is needed between two printing. What’s more, the client required customer-defined fonts.

CYCJET Printing Solution:

Shanghai Yu Chang B3020 industrial inkjet printer and a customized traction mechanism

1. B3020 printer has a super flexible custom character feature, which can be tailored to the special requirements of customers dedicated print fonts, print mode, improve security anti-changing feature. This function just to meet specific customer requirements custom fonts, through the unique design font editing software, and then introduced into the B3020 printer for editing, printing of information customized to the customer to be marking.


2. In addition, B3020 industrial inkjet printing with continuous function and the traction mechanism can drive pipe to move in a constant speed. Achieving continuous printing, at the same time, they can precisely control the pitch and length between the two information, really accurate refined.

3. Because of the smaller diameter pipe, most of the pipe has been deformed, on which the inkjet printer can’t print clearly. So the traction mechanism while moving the pipe, pipe deformation can be corrected, so that uniform linear movement, to ensure high-definition Coding.

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Advanced performance, and maintenance more convenient:

The nozzle of B3020 Industrial Inkjet Printer has self-cleaning function to ensure stable operation of the machine for a long. Fully anatomical nozzle design, completely solve the persistent problem of nozzle clogging the industry.

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