Amazon Launches The Self Tan Applicator Mitt Water-resistant Tanning Glove To Provide A Perfect Tan

ProElegante has launched a self-tanning glove that will give people a quicker tan and remove the problems of self-tanning. The product is available with a limited discount.

Amazon, the leading and largest online shopping platform has launched a new product. The new product comes in the form of the Self Tan Applicator Mitt Water-resistant Tanning Glove that is Suitable for use with tanning lotions and all other tanning products. The Self Tan Applicator Mitt is being sold by ProElegante and has received five-star reviews on Amazon.

ProElegante, who has become a well-known name in Health and Personal care products and is offering the Self Tan Applicator Mitt, which is a water-resistant tanning glove for a limited discounted price. It is currently available for $9.99 and is available to purchase at:

The Water-resistant Tanning Glove can be used to apply tanning lotion and other lotions. It allows a person looking to achieve a natural looking tan to remove common problems. When a person uses a tanning lotion, they tend to find the tan lotion can become streaky, this even happens when a professional tanning consultant applies the lotion. Another problem is the tanning lotion can stain hands, which results in hours of cleaning. The Self Tan Applicator Mitt removes these problems. It provides people with a natural looking tan with no mess, which means no stained hands and a natural tan that look like the person has just come from a hot country.

It is quick and easy to use. Due to the size of the glove it allows the consumer to achieve a faster natural tan. The user can tan their entire body within around ten minutes or less, and with the glove being reusable, it reduces the cost of self-tanning.

The Self Tan Applicator Mitt is available on Amazon for a limited discounted of 50%, but according to ProElegante, once the discount has been removed it will then go back to its normal price of $19.99

To learn more about The Self Tan Applicator Mitt Water-resistant Tanning Glove and take advantage of the limited discount, please visit: 

About The Self Tan Applicator Mitt Water-resistant Tanning Glove

• This beautiful mitt allows you to achieve a streak-free, natural-looking tan with no mess

• Water-resistant barrier to protect hands from becoming stained.

• Quick and easy to use, gives you a professional salon style finish within minutes, perfectly blended, even tan every time.

• Suitable for use with all tanning products.

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