Ellen Negrin-Fessler Of ENF Designs Helps Homeowners Unlock Full Value With Custom Landscape Design

Custom landscape design authority, Ellen Negrin-Fessler of ENF Designs, reveals how homeowners who haven’t allowed a design professional to unlock the potential in the land around their home are missing out on important aspects of their home’s value.

Homeowners may be limiting their living space in their investment. And if they have chosen a location for its natural beauty and wildlife, they may be limited in their enjoyment of that as well. Ellen Negrin-Fessler of ENF Designs assists homeowners in southeastern New York and northern New Jersey to realize more value, increase their living space and enjoy their home more by incorporating high-end materials into custom landscape designs.

“In my experience, the educated consumer would rather have a professionally designed landscape plan and know what their landscape will ultimately look like, rather than having no idea of what the final outcome will be,” stated authority Negrin-Fessler.  “Once a homeowner has invested in having a landscape or hardscape installed without a plan and are unhappy with the outcome, it’s very painful and costly to have it corrected.”

Since receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Design/Landscape Horticulture, Negrin-Fessler has seen many changes in the ways residential property owners view their outdoor environments. Homeowners want to enhance their homes with the new materials available today for use outdoors.

Negrin-Fessler details her assistance in overcoming roadblocks and challenges faced by homeowners who want to enjoy living outdoors. Envisioning the finished project, topography and living in an environment where the wildlife has an appetite for pretty plants are some of the obstacles she overcomes for clients on the way to realizing beautiful new outdoor living spaces.

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“Thank you Ellen for a fabulous job on designing our landscaping! Our backyard is now officially our favorite part of our home! Thank you for your endless patience and many changes to the plans until plans reflected what we really wanted. It was a real pleasure working with you,” said Nathan Perlowitz.

DJ Keenan stated,  “After being thwarted by landscaping companies in our area (Bergen County) – our startup date was not honored, our phone calls were not returned and we were about to throw in the towel on the whole project; we found Ellen.  Even though she had to drive a distance to get to our house, Ellen was reliable, professional, creative, honest and a pleasure to work with – not a common experience these days! Ellen also set us up with the landscapers who brought her beautiful design to life.  They too, were wonderful to work with.  So, if you’re even thinking about a landscaping project on your property, do yourself a favor and hire Ellen (ENF).”

“Overall, we felt retaining Ellen to do the design work was not only money well spent, but a wonderful and painless experience. We walked away with thorough plans that will enhance the aesthetic value and monetary value of our home for years to come,” commented Amy Peluso and Brian Prasky.

To view the portfolio of Ellen Negrin-Fessler’s custom landscape designs, visit http://ENFDesigns.com

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