The Gaining Popularity Of Artistic Tiles Makes Home Beautification A Work Of Art

Walls and Floors LTD offer a wide selection of classic tile choices, tiles that provide a wooden ambience, as well as a host of beautiful quartz selections.
Most people spend a great deal of time in the bathroom; whether they are taking a long, luxurious bath or simply getting ready in the morning.

Why not spend all of that time in a grand looking bathroom that has been decorated with custom tile? Even guests can be astonished at how nicely a bathroom has been put together, following the selection of one of our exceptional bathroom tiles.

The benefit of having a bathroom that is finished with coordinated wall and bathroom floor tiles is that you can enjoy a space that has a current, stylish appearance; all achieved with tiles that are waterproof and easily cleaned. The majprity choose white bathroom tiles; however, why go with an average white when there are so many exciting colour schemes and patterns from which to choose?

We offer a wide selection of classic tile choices, tiles that provide a wooden ambience, as well as a host of beautiful quartz selections. Any one of these options can help provide your bathroom with a fashion magazine look. By simply replacing old linoleum floors with one of our many decorative bathroom floor tiles, you can achieve a fresh, updated space. Replacing outdated wall, counter or floor coverings with one of our choice bathroom floor or wall tiles can transform your room from a sterile hygienic area into a spa-like retreat for the relaxation and enjoyment of your family or guests.

Why Choose an Artistic Tile?

Artistic tiles as a décor choice can add an intriguing effect to your space. These tiles are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. An artistic tile has the power to pull your room together, providing a coordinating backdrop for your other appointments and colour choices. If a chic and stylish look is desired, one of our many mosaic tiles may just add the right touch to grab the attention of your family or bathroom guest. Azulejo tiles are also available, offering exciting patterns in quilt-like formations. Many choose one of our unique floral tiles to create that special feminine touch in any woman’s bathroom space. Any of these tiles can captivate the attention of family and guests, impressing anyone who walks into your new bathroom space.

The Importance of Anti-Slip Bathroom Floor Tiles

Our bathrooms are the centres for those water-related activities which often leave the bathroom floor wet and slippery. Dangers of a fall and injury can be minimized with one of our anti-slip tiles, improving the safety of all family members and bathroom users. Made with a coarse material, they are perfect for senior citizens and young children, the very individuals who may be prone to slipping and falling. There are a surprising number of anti-slip tiles from which to choose. While natural stone tiles, and even some mosaic tiles, are made for slip and fall prevention; their design options can still contribute to that beautiful finished space you are dreaming of.

There are many things to consider when shopping for new bathroom wall and floor tiles. There are a variety of choices available that can coordinate and complement each other. Updating the bathroom with new bathroom tiles is a great way to make any space feel new and fresh. With so many choices and schemes of tiles from which to choose, how can one not want to go bathroom tile shopping.

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