New smart watch Meissier M8 just launched a crowd funding campaign

The new smart watch Meissier M8 has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for creating awareness among the people and boost sales.

The technology is advancing at a fast pace and everyday new and amazing technologies are emerging in the market to make people’s life more convenient and ‘smart’. A number of big companies have already launched smart watches, smart bands, smart rings but this new watch promises to be laden with the best and more advanced features. 

The waterproof watches are in a stylish sports shape unlike the bulky bands or watched available in the market which look a gadget or gear. It’ll suitable to be worn by both men and women. There is port available in the smart watch for inserting a sim card into it along with a chamber of 12 GB SD card for better storage options.

The watch allows the user to make calls through a Bluetooth earpiece. This could really bring a revolution in the world of smart watches as it’ll be quite convenient for the user to just wear a stylish watch and be connected to their family and friends through it.

The smart watch calling option is also great when it is not possible to carry a mobile phone such as while jogging or exercising in gym. The high storage SD card lets the user store their favorite music which can be listened through the Bluetooth device as well.

Not only this, but the smart watch also has a 5 mega pixel camera attached to it for taking high quality and clear pictures. This option proves to be really great for the travelers, hikers and any photography lovers as they can click picture on the go. The watch also supports 3G internet and the user can download apps as well.

Like any other smart watch, it connects to iPhone or android phone and can be used to control them like a remote control. The activities done on the smart watch goes on the phone. With the help of a USB cable content and songs can be transferred from another device to the watch.

The makers of this smart watch define this as a phone in the shape of a watch and surely it is, looking at the vast functionality it offers.

Apart from the above mentioned amazing features it offers, it also comes with built in health monitoring apps like pedometer and sleep monitor making it a great choice for the health enthusiasts. The smart watch is also equipped with GPS function which helps the user to locate the place wherever they go and also contains the ‘find my watch technology’ similar to what iphone offers.

The fully functional watch not only has a variety of awesome features but also claims to be shockproof and dustproof up to a certain level, making it a durable product as well. The watch is expected to receive positive response from people once it is launched in the market.


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