Good Nutrition and Exercise Matter

Addiction Recovery is learning to recondition thought processes and behaviors.
An Addiction Recovery Treatment Program can be successful if it implements several different approaches.

Education, Cognitive Therapy, Family Participation, Holistic Therapy and a willingness for change are generally the course toward success. One element that is often missed however, is that of good nutrition.

An addict that is in the throes of disease generally doesn’t pay much attention to what is fed to the body. In fact, fast food restaurants, and quick fixes are generally on the menu. In the spirit of healing the whole self, nutrition must be factored in.

When it comes to nutritional guidelines for recovering addicts, experts say that eliminating added sugar is high on the list, as is incorporating whole grains into the diet. The elimination of processed foods in favor of a diet of whole foods is key. Nutrition specialists also emphasize the importance of protein because of its correlation with the production of amino acids. 

Other important dietary factors for recovery include how much is eaten and when its eating. For example, it is recommended to increase protein intake but also space it out over the course of the day. Instead of having one or two large protein-based meals in the day. Every meal or snack contains a minimum of 10 to 15 grams’ protein.

Addiction Recovery is learning to recondition thought processes and behaviors. Proper nutrition and exercise must be factored in. If a body feels good, then a mind feels good. If the body is being mistreated or neglected, then the mind feels the same. With any change implementation it is best to start with baby steps. For instance, if Breakfast is always skipped start there. Have a small nutritious snack to jump start the day, (ie. A piece of fruit and cottage cheese.) If daily exercise has been allusive start by taking a walk around the block. As in a full recovery program each step toward health will make for a new life of freedom. A life, where the elements that contributed to the addiction, can be managed and recalibrated to ensure success.

A wise man once said, “When life seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.”

With the cooperation and participation of family and loved ones, the implementation of a methodical and robust Addiction Recovery Program that includes attention to nutritious food and exercise, success of life long recovery is certainly within reach for everyone.

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