What is the Winning Strategy for Success During Troubled Times? New Bestseller Reveals the Formula For Achieving Your Dreams in TODAY’S World!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – October 28, 2015 – In the new bestseller, Dream: Clarify & Create What You Want, global thought leader Marcia Wieder helps readers discover how to maximize their chances to get what they want in today’s chaotic world.

Wieder told the press, “We were created to create, and your ability to dream is paramount and fundamental when it comes to living a dream-come-true life. This book is designed to help readers take real steps toward the dreams that matter most.”

Wieder has worked with thousands of people, personally and professionally. She helps entrepreneurs who are just getting started, as well as senior leaders and their teams in some of the biggest and most wonderful companies in the world. Readers will get clear about their vision and mission, and find the support they need as they get into action on their dreams and lives.

This book is written with the reader as its focus. You can use it as if it were a highly paid Dream Coach® taking you by the hand to lead you through the process. Interact fully with its pages and, when you are done, Wieder believes you’ll say, “Yes, I can make my dreams come true anytime I choose.” This powerful new bestseller allows readers to reconnect with their passion, find and create dreams that honor their heart’s desire, and prepare for the magic and surprises that are available to all dreamers. DREAM teaches readers exactly how to do this.

“Marcia is right.  You have to be able to identify what you really love and really want, before you can get it.” ~Oprah Winfrey

“Marcia is my personal Dream Coach® because she helps me think much bigger about what’s possible and clarify what I want to accomplish. I could work with anyone but choose her because she is simply the best.”
~Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and Success Principles

Marcia Wieder is the renowned author of 15 books dedicated to achieving your dreams, including Dream: Clarify and Create What You Want, Making Your Dreams Come True, Life is But a Dream, Dreams are Whispers From the Soul and Doing Less and Having More. She’s also a writer for The Huffington Post and was a syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle.

As Founder and CEO of Dream University, Wieder travels the globe – an ambassador for making dreams real. She’s known for giving inspiring and moving talks in far-flung corners of the world. Weider is available for interviews.

Marcia Wieder’s Dream: Clarify & Create What You Want is available on Amazon.com
Book preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016Z18N2Y

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