Innovative Solutions Created with Biosound Therapy

The healing power of music can be virtually and universally transforming.
Biosound therapy has hit the ground running by transforming the lives of addicts around the world.

This new technology is giving individuals long term recovery treatment with a holistic approach. Biosound therapy is the integration of music therapy, guided imagery, biofeedback, and sound frequency massage.

The healing power of music can be virtually and universally transforming. This form of therapy speaks to everyone and can be the healing they need to encourage long term sobriety. Using the vibrations created by music and the melody from the music itself, the body goes into a meditative state within 15 minutes. Four positive results of Biosound Therapy are:

• Gratitude

• Health

• Abundance

• Freedom

It’s a joyful advancement in addiction treatment when something as universal as music can be used to create different brainwave states. Knowing the various brainwave states is crucial to understanding the benefits and proper uses. There are 5 separate brainwave states that an individual can be in; Gamma, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Beta. There are certain biofeedback devices that can measure the electrical activity being produced from the brain. This will indicate which state the brain is in. Below is a list of three of the five brain waves and their purpose.

Gamma Waves

These can be measured at 27hz and above. Gamma waves are affiliated with the creation of ideas, memory processing, language and different forms of learning. They have been shown to be non-existent during deep sleep brought on by anesthesia, but as an individual comes to a wakeful state, these Gamma waves reappear.

Beta Waves

These can be measured at 12hz-27hz and this state of the brainwave occurs when an individual is wide awake. This is the mental state where most individuals are throughout the day and most of their waking lives. This state of the brain can fool someone due to the fact that it comes off as uneventful, but do not be fooled. People can underestimate the importance of Beta waves. With a lack of sufficient Beta activity, mental disorders, ADD, depression and emotional disorders occur. By stimulating beta activity, energy levels increase along with a higher degree of attentiveness and concentration.

Alpha Waves

These can be measured between 8hz-12hz. This state of the brain indicates that an individual is awake, but relaxed with little information being processed. When a person first arises from sleep, and just before bed, they are typically in this state. The moment an individual closes their eyes to rest, alpha waves are automatically being produced.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing advancement if technology could influence these brainwave states and reap the benefits of each state? The great news is that it is possible. This is where binaural beats and other brian influencing techniques can be positively used to induce certain brainwave states. There are treatment facilities that offer this form of treatment for recovery. This has proven to be a great success.

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