Why Inpatient Care for Teens and Young Men?

The unique approach of an inpatient program that also offers a wilderness experience to its patients has proven invaluable for the successful recovery of its participants.
Families and schools are often unequipped to effectively help teens and young men deal with the social and family challenges they may face.

When today’s young men exhibit masks of anger, defiance, isolation or other emotional/physical behaviors, they are often hiding the substance abuse they have chosen as a form of escape from these challenges. As chemical dependency is recognized as a primary, progressive and often fatal illness; finding the professional help necessary to confront these problems is the first step to restoring any young person’s health and sobriety.

Inpatient treatment may be the best alternative to helping a family restore harmony to their home and provide the medical, emotional and psychological tools necessary to see that their young man is returned to a balanced life. The disruptive life that consists of anger, worry and fear is often mislabeled as ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiant, conduct disordered, depressed or bi-polar. While any of these diagnoses may be accurate; when combined with the hidden addiction to drugs or alcohol a young man may not receive the accurate personalized attention he needs. Focused assistance from a licensed drug or alcohol treatment center may be the answer the teen or young man requires.  

A leading inpatient chemical dependency addiction facility is currently available for teens/young men between the ages of 14 and 24. A family-owned 60-day inpatient treatment facility, it provides a 30 day inpatient diagnostic and therapy program, along with a 16-21 day wilderness therapy expedition. Following a thorough evaluation of the emotional and physical challenges facing each patient, a personalized program is designed, which includes medical care, individual and family counseling, service work and a 12-step program of recovery. With psycho-educational opportunities conducted in-house and outdoors, each young man is provided with the experiences he needs to help address his personal challenges.

The unique approach of an inpatient program that also offers a wilderness experience to its patients has proven invaluable for the successful recovery of its participants.  With the opportunity of working with horses, contribution to the needs of a working ranch and participation in outdoor exploration and hikes, each young man is afforded an opportunity to regain his emotional and physical footings and gain a new sense of self-esteem. The caring, experienced staff of licensed drug rehabilitation and wilderness professionals at the inpatient program can provide each patient with the healing and coping tools necessary as an alternative to using drugs or alcohol.   Following graduation from a truly successful inpatient program, a young man can return to his family and school/work in a state of healthy sobriety. 

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