Mariners General Insurance Group Publish New Guide to Getting Started With Boat Insurance

Mariners General Insurance Group understands that boat insurance can be complex for first time owners, and has written an informative introduction to brief individuals on what they need to know.

To this day, boats still represent a kind of freedom, independence and even luxury to those who long to own them, harking back to the golden era of sea-faring adventurers, discoverers and other seamen who made their life aboard ships. As such, it is easy for individuals to get carried away in the excitement of purchasing their first boat to miss details that can be costly in the long term, especially when it comes to insurance. Fortunately, Mariners General Insurance Group has published a new briefing on their website discussing the finer points to look out for in boat insurance.

The editorial, entitled “How To Get Started With Boat Insurance” is designed to introduce individuals to the main coverage one should expect from a policy, the optional extras and when they might be worth including, what kind of insurance boat owners would require and how expensive it can be. 

The article then goes on to discuss how they help individuals find and compare competitive quotes from many of the world’s foremost boat insurers, often for the very best rates available thanks to their longstanding relationships with the insurers. Mariners also helps people make sense of the quotes they are receiving uncovering which will be best for their needs.

A spokesperson for Mariners General Insurance Group explained, “We understand that approaching boat insurance for the first time is a daunting prospect, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible by explaining in plain English exactly what is required and how to go about securing the best quotes for coverage that won’t leave individuals vulnerable to high excess fees or gaps in their coverage.”

About Mariners General Insurance Group:

Founded in 1959, Mariners General Insurance Group is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA with additional offices in San Diego, Bradenton, FL, Seattle, WA, and San Francisco Bay. Mariners Insurance provides a full array of insurance for boats, yachts and marine businesses and is directly appointed with more American yacht insurers than any other marine specialist. Mariners General Insurance Group provides 24/7 website access and has boats and yachts of all sizes insured in every ocean of the world.

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