Author uncovers Most Unique Angle to Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Disease in Revolutionary New Book

New insights take advantage of findings from both clinical and physician studies while providing guidance about metabolic syndrome in clear, authoritative language.

October 29, 2015 – New York – Metabolic syndrome is typified by an array of clinical and subclinical symptoms and has unfortunately propagated to noteworthy proportions, further attesting to why a corresponding metabolic syndrome book should be present. “Living with Metabolic Syndrome” offers readers a genus of cutting-edge information that will grant them the imperium to successfully contest this syndrome on a number of fronts.

Using a very unique arrangement of conceptualization and thought, “Living with Metabolic Syndrome,” which includes talks on diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, takes advantage of findings in clinical and physician studies to provide readers with a hopeful take as well as new and practical ways of confronting and living with the said syndrome. While the book also postulates powerful techniques and real-world advice that sufferers can relate to on the double, it will inimitably encourage readers to gain a full knowhow of the syndrome’s basic milieu before delving into its advanced mechanisms. Moreover, some doctors may not have the time to teach their patients about this syndrome on such a comprehensive scale, due to massive patient pools and heavy time-constraints.

With over a decade of experience in health and science to his credit, wordsmith Naheed Ali, a physician by training, presents modern-day benchmark landscapes of metabolic syndrome and gives detailed advice that makes dealing with it a much simpler and forthright undertaking. The reader will rendezvous with essential information on the risk factors, the symptoms, and treatment modalities. Since metabolic syndrome is a life-changer for all and sundry, this book is a must-have addition to bookshelves worldwide.

In “Living with Metabolic Syndrome,” the author also tackles contemporary metabolic syndrome issues and serves sufferers what experts would consider powerful insights. Under his ideas, key elements such as treatment, diet, and the mind affect the overall sway that metabolic syndrome has on an individual’s health. He believes that it is possible for all readers to have a motley of knowledge to sidestep the massive physical ailments that the syndrome has to offer. The book clearly advocates the practices for gawking metabolic syndrome in the eye before it strikes, as thankfully, many today are resolute believers in the strong adage: prevention is a colossal benchmark above cure. “Living with Metabolic Syndrome” is available everywhere books are sold.

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