iMagicLab’s New CRM Technology CRMSuite is now Available to All Car Dealers

iMagicLab’s newest product CRMSuite employs algorithms to help car dealers communicate more intelligently with current and potential customers. CRMSuite breaks the traditional task based model of CRM workflows to improve communications between dealers and consumers.

Sarasota, Florida – iMagicLab’s CRMSuite product was introduced with very limited availability in the Fall of 2013. During this beta/development period industry leaders were reached assembled to give feedback on CRM workflows and feature request. All levels of participation were sought. Dealers, managers, salespeople and consultants that use dealership CRM technology. The attendees were an impressivbe mix of advanced CRM “Success Story” car dealers, consultants, thought leaders and experienced CRM developers that had previously worked for iMagicLab competitors.

“I almost hate to admit it, but Keith Latman got me more excited and eager to test drive the soon to be in limited release iMagicLab CRMSuite than I have been about any other CRM application in over ten years” said industry insider Ralph Paglia of ADM. “At this point, getting me excited about the technical architecture of a CRM solution is nearly impossible, because our industry has been stuck in a CRM application rut for at least ten years!” (

CRMSuite breaks the traditional daily work plan seen in all other automotive CRM solutions and helps dealership personnel communicate with consumers at the time and mode best suited to them. Traditional automotive CRM software creates a work plan based on the source of the lead or purchase date of the consumer that must be rigidly followed or it creates a backlog task to be completed by dealership personnel, all in complete oblivion of how the consumer wishes to be communicated with. This methodology further frustrates consumers if they have communicated with multiple locations of the same dealer group or different brands represented under the same rooftops.

CRMSuite schedules work plans based on the strong points of the user and the best response rates of the individual consumer. CRMSuite matches the best communication methods of individual consumers to the best representatives to communicate via that medium. It schedules those communications based on the days and times that the consumer is likely to best respond using the Activity Focus feature.

“Each customers interaction was scheduled on a one size fits all bases in the old CRM model. With Activity Focus each customer is given an individualized work plan based off what customers are like to respond to,” says Keith Latman, CEO of iMagicLab.

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CRMSuite has moved out of development phase and is now available to all auto dealers worldwide. Dealers can bring their current database of customers and old CRM deployments to CRMSuite.

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About iMagicLab

iMagicLab is one of the fastest-growing customer relationship management software companies in America.   They exclusively serve the automobile-retailing marketplace and are an approved solution for most of the major automobile manufacturers in the United States.  iMagicLab creates customer relationship software, Internet lead management solutions, inventory management systems, service scheduling and  retention.

About Richard Keith Latman

Mr. Richard Keith Latman is a Co-Founder of iMagiclab LLC and has been its Chief Software Architect since April 2006 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Latman drives technology, sales, marketing and architecture decisions across all iMagicLab products to ensure the product direction is consistent with the overall strategy of it and the needs of the marketplace. He has broad experience in the sales, hardware, software and services sectors. He has published his dotcom boom, bust, boom story “The Good Fail” which is available in book retailers nationwide and on (

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