2015 new design electric unicycle – Airwheel annular electric scooter F3

Airwheel annular electric scooter F3 has been getting an enormous amount of exposure on television and on the internet since its launch, which attracts millions of people to have one Airwheel annular electric scooter F3. It cannot be denied that the following features make it successful. The most appealing character is the annular body and concealed handle design.

The annular body is covered a transparent shell which is made of PC+ABS composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. Hence, it can not only protect the body, but also make F3 one wheel scooter more beautiful and different. The annular body is easy to carry, and handles are made from magnesium alloy and elastic polyurethane, which feel soft, and comfortable, hidden in the body in normal times and can be popup as-needed.


Details determine success or failure. Sweet care, F3 annular electric scooter equipped with silicone leg pad, accords with principles of ergonomics. The more humanize design, less superficial area, texture of high quality leather can improve friction, which makes F3 easy to follow your move. It is available in a choice of colours; accessories can be replaced by customers that can keep your scooter gorgeous at any time. Cool headlight and taillight design is full of character, cool and showy, ensures a safe night riding. 

At last, it can be connected to mobile phone to realize intelligent travel. Riders can look over information of the orbit electric scooter F3 condition at any times, and locate vehicle all day. Intelligent control system of Airwheel not only makes judgment of kinds of emergencies, but also it can monitor the security systems in real time and give alarm reminding in time.


Many people are familiar with electric one wheel; however, orbit electric unicycle is strange to them. 2015 new design electric unicycle – Airwheel orbit electric unicycle F3, released by Airwheel Technology, will be your ever best playmate and transportation tool. 

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