Qualities Needed to Become a Skillful Airwheel Skateboarder

Though Airwheel electric skateboard M3, equipped with ingenious technological elements which makes riding easier. There are still some qualities needed to be a skillful skateboarder, especially for new starters.

Skateboard is an icon of street culture. Skateboarders are quite often seen on the street. They pass by pedestrians in the coolest way and some could even perform complicated tricks. The skateboarders earn the admiration and stares of the passers-by. Airwheel Technology has launched an skateboards M3 in this autumn. Though Airwheel electric skateboard M3, equipped with ingenious technological elements which makes riding easier, there are still some essential qualities needed to be a skillful rider of the electric skateboard M3.


For rookies in skateboarding, they have to be courageous enough. The courage is not only needed in the learning process, but also during the riding process. They have to possess a good sense and skill to solve the risks of gliding. New learners of the electric skateboard M3 must have the nerve to face the potential dangers and accidents. Tensions only make it difficult to control the balance and speed. Fortunately, Airwheel Technology has spared efforts to improve M3’s safety performance.


Good sense of balance is also vital for riding an electric skateboards. M3 moves forward or backward by the direction of a remote control. However, to make a turning, it still requires shifting user’s center of gravity to keep balance. Therefore, riders with better sense of balance will save more time and labor. In face of some special road conditions, they could also glide freely to pass the obstacles, and respond quickly to some emergencies. 

Last but not least, a qualified skateboarder should have an accurate sense of direction. To finish a trip with an Airwheel motorized skateboard whether in cities or in the scenic spots, good sense of direction will help to avoid getting lost. If Airwheel users are not familiar with some roads, it is suggested not to ride M3 to those places. 

The firm faith in mastering the gliding skills and love of the vehicle are also indispensable to be a qualified rider. Diligence can make up for the lack of talent. Anyone who practices assiduously will be a perfect skateboarder.

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