Shock Shutter, the revolutionary solution to keep children safe from electrical injuries

A number of children are injured every year while trying to stick small objects into the slots of electrical receptacles and that is why Colorado Springs based company, High Performance Engineering, has designed the Shock Shutter to prevent children from receiving electrical injuries.

Considering the high number of children who were injured, the National Electrical Code recommended in 2008 that all new and renovated buildings should use tamper resistant receptacles on their power outlets but due to the complex installation process and high cost, many households still don’t have these tamper resistant receptacles.

This is when Shock Shutter comes in light as it is an affordable alternative solution. It does not require a licensed electrician and can be installed by anyone. The product follows the NEC’s tamper resistant requirement and provides the same level of safety as TR receptacles. Shock Shutter can be quickly installed by anyone, by just using a screwdriver and without shutting off the circuit breaker.

The product is basically an electrical outlet cover with a built in Tamper Resistant shutter system which blocks objects including paperclips, keys, pins, forks, knives, scissors, and screw drivers thus, preventing any fatal injury. When something like an electrical cord is inserted into both the slots of the power outlet, the shutters open conveniently.  The ease of installation and affordability make Shock Shutter a better alternative to installing Tamper Resistant Receptacles or using Outlet Plugs (which are known to be a choking hazard).

The product is surely beneficial to millions of households and in order to make it accessible to every household, High Performance Engineering started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a funding goal of $10,000. The amount raised will be used for production, marketing and distribution of the product on a larger scale. The product comes in both duplex and décor styles and looks compact and neat. It’ll be available in various colors including white, ivory, and red/orange for hospitals.

The success of the campaign will ensure the successful launch of this product in the market which aims to make the world more safe and secure.

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Country: United States