Teen accused of false charges turns to masses for support, through Funded Justice

It would be really difficult for any person if they have to go through unfortunate circumstances such as facing a legal trial at a beginning stage of their life. Tremayne is one such person, who was falsely accused of crimes which he says he didn’t commit.

To free himself from the charges and handle the legal formalities he’s running out of money for which he has started a crowd funding campaign on Funded Justice website and is urging the masses to support him in getting his life back.

Tremayne, now 18 lives in suburban New England and is currently facing the possibility of trial as an adult for crimes he has always maintained that he didn’t commit and has asserted his belief that he was deliberately set up in this case for responding to a school bullying incident. 

The whole thing started when Tremayne tried to confront a tormentor who was allegedly bullying and harassing his younger sister. The confrontation turned physical which possibly gave rise to this whole scenario.

Soon after, several girls, believed to be friends of the bully started to flirt with Tremayne and put him in compromising situations. In fact, some school rumors also suggested that the bully conspired to set up Tremayne in retaliation for the fight. It was also observed, that years before this case, one of the girls was may also have been caught accusing another individual of similar offenses.

Not long after, Tremayne was charged for sexual misconduct which has turned his life upside down. Tremayne has no criminal history and everyone knows him to be an extremely well mannered and decent young man. He’s also an accomplished athlete and won many medals as well as played football for his high school. But unfortunately, he’s currently facing considerable turmoil in his life due to this case and he needs financial help to mount an effective legal defense.

He was also suspended from school which is hampering his education to a great degree. Of course, this is a very tough time for Tremayne and his family but he remains hopeful that the situation will soon be resolved. As a gesture of gratitude, Tremayne will write a hand written letter for every person who’ll donate $25 or more.

To contribute and view more information visit Funded Justice.


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