The Cause Of Addiction May Be All In The Family

Addiction is a disease whose cure depends on a well-orchestrated process including family participation, commitment and education
It has been said that “Families are the ties that bind.”

For a person trying to recover from addiction however, families can be a hindrance to recovery success. Though the best of intentions are generally the case, Addiction Recovery must be recognized as a family problem or indeed a family disease. Although the steps to complete rejuvenation and change certainly differ between patient and family, the goal remains the same; Lives free from addiction, chaos and uncertainty.

A menagerie of elements coincides to allow an addict to continue their behavior. Typically, an addict is fed through codependent behavior by a loved one. This behavior can include monies given, ignorance to the problem, addict behavior participation or delusional thinking that the problem will resolve itself based on the addict’s personal efforts to quit. One cannot just “will away” the flu. Neither can addiction be remedied that way. Addiction is a disease whose cure depends on a well-orchestrated process including family participation, commitment and education.

When looking for an Addiction Treatment Center or help, it is best to include a Family Program in the search criteria. A good Family Program should include the following elements:

Preliminary Family Assesment– Whether this is done by phone, skype or in person it is always advantageous for a therapist to understand the dynamics between patient and family.

Reactive Attachment Therapy – When addicts suffer with from attachment issues, they can interfere with all types of relationships. Some carry a sense of loss or yearning inside them, and may struggle with codependency or abandonment issues, without understanding why. Learning how to deal with these issues and how to set healthy boundaries allow our clients the opportunity to heal, gain self-esteem and self-respect. Clients learn to gain fulfillment within themselves, instead of relying on outside sources of validation. 

Psychodrama – Families explore internal and external conflicts through dramatic play. Acting out scenes facilitates learning about behaviors, roles, and communication skills. This process enables clients to gain a deeper insight to their interactions. 

Family Therapy – Families are complex. When substance abuse is added to the family dynamic, relations can become even more complicated. Family Program is designed to help families work on and mitigate their internal conflicts with a caring, experienced, certified counselor.

Addiction Recovery is not an unsurmountable achievement. A willingness to change, a great program and a families participation are the ingredients for reaching the goal. 

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