What Can Recovery Mean to You?

What recovery can mean for you is a world where you have been restored to a healthy physical and emotional life.
Recovery is a concept that was once uttered exclusively in conjunction with 12-step programs. However, in today’s world, the concept of recovery is often blurred.

Does it mean a total abstinence from drugs or alcohol or does the one who defaults to their use feel they have recovered when they “have their use under control?”  Many refuse to even acknowledge that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol due to the psychological and social stigmas that may be attached to this predicament.  Thus, the act of recovering is not even an issue.

When many have been asked what “being in recovery” means, their definition is that a person who is actively pursuing a state of non-use of drugs or alcohol is in a state of recovery.  That does not necessarily mean that they have absolutely achieved a state of sobriety; only that they are in the process of working toward said condition.  However, for others, “being in recovery” means that the person is truly living in a state of complete abstinence from the use of any addictive chemical substance.  The definition you choose to adopt may mean the difference between living a healthy, sober lifestyle, or one of chasing after what can seem an elusive goal.

Amicus House is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that has provided assistance to addicted personalities since 1990.  A program that is led by its founder, Lori Johnson, has a success rate of 67% sobriety.  That figure means that 67% of those who have completed their three-part program have experienced total sobriety for over two years.  They have been able to learn a new way of approaching their challenges; one that has freed them from the controlling dependency on their former drug of choice.

What recovery can mean for you is a world where you have been restored to a healthy physical and emotional life.  You have learned to deal with what life presents to you in a balanced fashion, without the need for a chemical crutch.  It could mean a stable family life, dependable employment and healthy friendships.  It may also mean that you have achieved the ability to recognize those triggers that formerly drove you to excessive dependence on drugs or alcohol and a way to manage those emotional issues.  With the incorporation of a community 12-step program, it also offers a world of like individuals who may be available to you when you are need support or advice.  

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