Calgary Alarm Systems Releases Series of Home Security Advice Videos

CALGARY, Alberta – October 29, 2015 Calgary Alarm Systems, which installs and services alarm systems in homes in Calgary, announced today that it has released a series of videos that offer advice on improving security from break ins.  Available on YouTube as well as the company’s Website,, the series includes videos on making door frames harder to kick in and “Do-it-Yourself Security Tips.” 

“We don’t mean to scare people, but if you understood how fragile some of your protection is from bad people, you would probably do something about it,” said Timothy McMullin of Calgary Alarm Systems. “Our goal with the video series is to inform consumers about the risks they face and the relatively easy ways they can counteract those risks and live more safely.”

Through installing many home security systems in Calgary, the company has seen how alarms and security measures function in realistic settings.  “Forget what you see on the box,” McMullin added.  “What matters is how a device stands up in an actual home setting.”

For example, in one of the videos, the company demonstrates how easy it is for a burglar to kick through a door that is held in place only by a dead bolt lock’s “strike plate,” which is secured to the doorframe’s wooden trim with ¾” screws.  The video shows that a thin piece of wood is essentially the only thing protecting the interior of the home from being burglarized.  The video recommends using 3” screw for the strike plate – an easy solution but one that increases the security of the door significantly.

Calgary Alarm Systems is located at 2535 3 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2A 7W5.

For more information, visit or call (403) 690-8380.

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