Why Exercise Doesn’t Guarantee Weight Loss

Rewarding ourselves with those craved carbs or sugars, just because we have worked hard at an exercise regimen can actually do more damage than good.

We all know that exercise helps you lose weight.  Right? So why do some of us fail to lose that weight and its associated inches, even though we work hard at our exercise program?  In theory, weight loss through exercise does work.  However, not all bodies are made the same; different metabolisms and body structures, as well as the difference between men and women’s physical make-up can impact how efficiently an exercise program may work to cause weight loss and a reduction of inches. 

Many of us may be either consciously or subconsciously ‘self-sabotaging’ in some way.  For instance, one may be less physically active overall throughout the day because they are exercising.  This means the benefits of the exercises being done may unwittingly have been cancelled out.  Feeling justified to rest more throughout the remainder of my day, or to choose the less strenuous option in other activities because I worked so hard earlier, may actually work against my overall success.  

What one is choosing to eat has a direct impact on the efficiency of the exercise program and one’s ability to achieve their chosen goals.  Rewarding ourselves with those craved carbs or sugars, just because we have worked hard at an exercise regimen can actually do more damage than good.  For instance, 45 to 60 minutes of strenuous exercise may be necessary to undo the damage from one fast food burger.  Most of us are largely unaware of the energy and nutrition that is contained in what we are choosing to eat.  Researchers have found that when they gave people menus that illustrated how much exercise was needed to burn off the calories for each item of food, they opted for healthier choices.  The study of 300 men and women aged 30 and under were divided into three groups. One group received a regular menu, the second group received the same menu with the calorie content for each item, and the third group had a menu that listed calories as well as how many minutes of brisk walking it would take to burn those calories. The third group ordered and consumed fewer calories compared to the other groups.

Many of us default to the easier exercise routines, imagining that any exertion is better than no exertion.  While it may be true that doing some form of exercise is certainly better than an entirely sedentary lifestyle; highly aerobic activity is the best for gaining the health, vigor and body results we usually have in mind.  This can include activities like brisk walking, running, cycling, kayaking, and swimming as well as many team sports.  It’s best to try and accumulate activity for prolonged periods of at least 30 minutes; but the more the better.


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