New Mobile Advertising App Offers Businesses Free Video Advertising!

30 Oct, 2015 – The Cash Quest App is a unique mobile app that pays consumers cash to answer questions about video advertisements.  Users log on to the Cash Quest App to watch commercials and other video advertisements.  When the video ad is over, the user will answer a series of questions which will prove how well they were paying attention to the advertisement.  If the user answers a question correctly, they earn money.  If the user answers a question incorrectly, they do not earn money.  The Cash Quest App can determine whether or not a person is truly paying attention to an advertisement, and this solves a major problem businesses face with advertising today.

The Cash Quest App is currently offering businesses two options for free video advertising.  Businesses can receive up to two months of free video advertising with the purchase of any mobile video advertising package.  Packages on the Cash Quest App start as low as $249.00.  Or, for those that would like to try before they buy, the Cash Quest App also offers a free 7 day trial.  To receive free video advertising, businesses will need to provide a digital file of their video advertisement in .mp4 or .mov format.  Businesses will also need to determine what questions they would like to ask their audience.  Businesses are allowed to ask up to five questions.  Each question can have only one correct answer.  Questions can be a combination of multiple choice, true/false, or yes/no questions.

The Cash Quest App is a better, cheaper, and faster way to advertise!  Businesses that advertise on television cannot target a specific gender or age group.  The Cash Quest App is better.  Users on the Cash Quest App fill out profile information that determines their gender, age group, and geographical location.  This information allows businesses to target their specific audience.  With television, it can cost tens of dollars to bring a single consumer to an effective call to action.  The Cash Quest App is cheaper.  It cost less than two dollars on average to bring the same consumer to an effective call to action on the Cash Quest App.  With television, a person has to be in front of the television, watching the right channel, at the right time.  The Cash Quest App is faster.  The Cash Quest App specializes in mobile advertising.  Mobile advertising is proven to be the fastest, and most convenient way to reach the consumer today.

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