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According to a 2013 study, 14% of Americans only got five hours or less of sleep on average and 26% only got six hours of sleep on average. Only 34% of Americans were able to get the recommended eight hours or more of sleep at night. A lack of sleep can contribute to a variety of health issues, according to medical studies. According to recent studies, purchasing a new mattress can result in a significant decrease in stress levels and can help a person get a better night’s sleep.

Many people report having difficulty finding the perfect mattress for their needs. Some may want a bed that offers more firmness to prevent back pain while others will want something a little more comfortable to help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Best Beds Boutique is one company trying to change the way their customers sleep. The company offers a variety of information on their website that can help a person choose the right mattress. The website has information on finding the best mattress of 2016 as well as information that talks about everything a person needs to consider when looking for a new mattress to help them obtain a better night’s sleep.

Nicole Clavelle, spokesperson for Best Beds Boutique, had the following to say. “Best Beds Boutiques wants to give customers exquisite comfort without an extreme cost. We offer top of the line mattresses at affordable prices and great mattress reviews to help them choose the right mattress for their needs.”

The top type of mattress for the coming year, as predicted on the website, is going to be memory foam. This mattress type has seen a high amount of user satisfaction and 85% of mattresses in use right now are foam mattresses. The construction of different brands of foam mattresses can vary drastically, however, so a person will want to look into the top foam mattresses like Simmons Comforpedic and Tempur-Pedic. 

Best Beds Boutique offers reviews for these and other mattresses so a person can learn as much as possible before they start shopping. The reviews cover all the information a person will need to compare different mattresses before giving them a try, including the pricing, quality of materials, and customer satisfaction index. This can help reduce the amount of time it takes for a person to find the right mattress.

“Quality and customer service are important aspects of our business,” stated Clavelle, “and we want to ensure we offer only the best products for our customers. We also offer all the information a person will need to purchase the perfect mattress to start having a longer, more restful sleep at night.”

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Since 1987, Best Beds Boutique has been serving Lafayette, LA and the surrounding area. Their main goals are to provide quality and exceptional customer service to every customer and the company stands behind everything they sell. On top of selling the best mattresses at an affordable price, Best Beds Boutique also offers all the information and help a person will need to find the right mattress to have a better night’s sleep.

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